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Globe Labs Voice APIs

Globe Labs Voice APIs


March 28, 2014

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  1. The Globe Labs Voice APIs Anne Michelle Santos Developer Relations

    – Globe Labs Email : [email protected] Website: http://developer.globelabs.com.ph
  2. http://developer.globelabs.com.ph The Globe Labs APIs were officially launched on August

    2008 and provided the first publicly accessible Telco API in the Philippines.
  3. APIs SMS APIs http://developer.globelabs.com.ph Get connected and stay in touch.

    Report and get informed. Automate using SMS. Sample Apps: • SMS Alerts and Notifications • Group Messaging • SMS Surveys • SMS Activations • Message Blaster Enables you to send and receive SMS.
  4. MyStockText • MyStockText sends an SMS (PSE) stock notification based

    on your preferences. No need for your phone to be online all the time. • Developed by Frank Lloyd Teh • Integrated using Globe Labs - SMS and Charging API • Sign-up and setup your alerts via www.mystocktext.net • Receive MyStockText SMS Alerts from 21588584 • Price Points: 50.00 (monthly subscription)
  5. APIs http://developer.globelabs.com.ph Start monetizing your apps or service. Enables you

    to charge mobile subscriber for the use or consumption of a digital goods or services via the subscribers prepaid credits or charge to bill. Revenue sharing of 70-30%*, in favor of the developer. Sample Apps: • Paid Subscriptions • Paid Downloads (via non-app stores) • In-App Purchases *may still subject to applicable taxes Charging API
  6. APIs http://developer.globelabs.com.ph More than the usual click-to-call. Features include: •

    Make outbound and receive inbound calls. • Text to speech • Automated speech recognition • Transfer or reject, or put on hold a call. • Play audio files or track • Record whole or part of a call. • Conference call (with just few lines of code). Sample Apps: • Your own IVR service. • Voice Surveys • Automatic call-out and conference calls. Voice APIs
  7. Globe Labs Voice API • say • call • transfer

    • conference • answer • ask • play • record say("Hello Globe Morning") say("This is a conference sample") conference("2014” { "terminator":"*", "playTones":True, "onChoice": lambda event : say ("Disconnecting") }) say("Thank you and goodbye.") A Sample Conference Script Script URL: https://gist.github.com/amsantos/9154860/raw/sampleConference.py Voice Methods
  8. Demo: IVR + Transfer Call • Ask to choose from

    option 1 and 2. – Option 1 : Plays music – Option 2 : Transfers the call to me • View the source code Dial: 21581075 On your mobile, just dial the given number (with NO area code).
  9. Demo: Rewards Balance Inquiry • Ask for you to input

    via keypad a 5-digit rewards balance, and returns to you your "rewards balance". – Take note returned reward balance is just a randomly generated number for quick demo purpose. • View the source code Dial: 21581076 On your mobile, just dial the given number (with NO area code).
  10. Demo: Conference Call • This is a conference call app.

    Connects multiple mobile numbers in 1 conference session. • Everybody needs to dial-in. • View the source code Dial: 21581073 On your mobile, just dial the given number (with NO area code).
  11. Demo: Call-out • On the webpage, key-in one to three

    Globe / TM numbers. • Then press the call-out, to initiate the call. • Subscriber will hear: "Hello! This is a sample call from Globe Labs. Goodbye!" Go to URL: http://guess-demo.herokuapp. com/callouts
  12. Demo: Speech Recognition + Record (numbers) • Ask to say

    a number and app will say it back and record the call. • ftp://ftp.gltest.turfsiteph.net/ Dial: 21581086 On your mobile, just dial the given number (with NO area code).
  13. Demo: Traffic Application • Inquire the status of the traffic

    condition in major roads in Metro Manila • Source: MMDA Live Feed: http: //mmdatraffic.interaksyon. com/system-view.php Dial: 21581083 On your mobile, just dial the given number (with NO area code).
  14. Demo: Sales Survey • This app ask the user to

    'say' or input the number of Globe, TM sim sold, and total credits sold as well. The recognized input are automatically stored to the database with the caller's mobile number. – Take note returned reward balance is just a randomly generated number for quick demo purpose. • View the stored values / database Dial: 21581029 On your mobile, just dial the given number (with NO area code).
  15. Globe Labs Voice API • answer: answer an incoming call

    • ask: prompt the caller for an input (either speech or DTNMF) • call: make an outbound call - conference: conference multiple calls together (currently up to 30 in 1 conference call session) • hangup: allows you to end a call, but not necessarily the call session - log: for debugging - record: record audio and POSTs or FTPs plus transaction • reject: reject a call based on callerID • say: Say Text to Speech, play audio file • starCallRecording: records the whole call • stopCallRecording: stop recording the whole call • transfer: transfer an existing call to another MSISDN • wait: suspend the call for a specified time
  16. 2 APIs – 3 Easy Steps (http://developer.globelabs.com.ph) Register at http://developer.globelabs.com.ph

    Integrate Get App Access and Integrate using the API Launch! Your app or service is now open for business. 1 3
  17. APIs – Resource Links Sign-up: http://developer.globelabs.com.ph API Docs: http://developer.globelabs.com.ph/docs Code

    Samples : http://github.com/globelabs/api API Console: http://developer.globelabs.com.ph/console
  18. FREE Stuff* Dedicated 8-digit Access Number per App* 2158 +

    4 digit Number Masking* Built-in Subscriber Consent Workflow Sign-up is for FREE. 1,000 FREE API credits upon sign-up. * Note: Items mentioned above are subject to Terms and Conditions, such as but not limited to validity, elibility, etc. and more to come …
  19. • Integration with GCASH for the ease of: • Receive

    your earnings from the Globe Labs Charging API transactions • Top-up* / reloading the Globe Labs Developer API wallet • Send SMS to 2882 in this format BILLPAY <amt> <MPIN> GLABS <dev email> * Minimum of PHP 100.00 which includes 500 (160 –character) SMS, valid after 30 days of the top-up. APIs http://developer.globelabs.com.ph