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Ancientt Network Testing Tool - Alexander Trost - Cloudical

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January 23, 2020

Ancientt Network Testing Tool - Alexander Trost - Cloudical

Let’s talk about the problems, application and network teams are facing in the world of being "agile" and "dynamic". Besides talking about the company political and "philosophical" problems, we are going to look into how the open source project Ancientt can help by automating certain network testing tools. With that we are going explain why Ancientt was created and looking into the future of Ancientt. A (live) demonstration of Ancientt will be given, to show how easy it is to automatically run a network throughput test in a dynamic environment such as Kubernetes / OpenShift.



January 23, 2020


  1. .Ancientt. .A Cloudical Open Source Project. Image by Free-Photos from

  2. DevOps Engineer, Cloudical Deutschland GmbH Maintainer Certified Kubernetes Administrator

    Alexander Trost Nerd with passion, and a datacenter in the basement.
  3. network /ˈnɛtwəːk/ 1. an arrangement of intersecting horizontal and vertical

    lines. "a spider constructs a complex network of several different kinds of threads" 2. a group or system of interconnected people or things. "the company has a network of 326 branches" Source: Powered by Oxford
  4. Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay

  5. Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay

  6. Image by Reddit User fafaqweqwe “. The Internet is a.

    . series of tubes”. .- Former Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens.
  7. Image by tylermax56 from Pixabay

  8. .The Network Team’s Battlefield and Empire. Image by Free-Photos from

  9. Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay .Situation:. .Everyone wants to change

    it,. .but it must be 100% available..
  10. .Got Performance Issues, Latency Issues or. .Connectivity Issues?. Image by

    Free-Photos from Pixabay
  11. .Ancientt can help find. .issues!. Image by stux from Pixabay

  12. .Using common tools!. Image by Astryd_MAD from Pixabay

  13. .So you can fix the. .issue!. Image by Steve Buissinne

    from Pixabay
  14. Image by Jean-Paul Jandrain from Pixabay .Or tweak your Network.

    for performance!.
  15. .Test Definitions.

  16. .Test Plan.

  17. .Test Results.

  18. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay .CSV isn’t your thing?.

    .SQLite, MySQL, Excel are available too..
  19. Easily draw Charts from the results! (Chart created using LibreOffice)

  20. Image by Johnson Martin from Pixabay .Future of Ancientt.

  21. .Prometheus Integration. Image by Pexels from Pixabay

  22. Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay .More testing tools!. .Smokeping, Siege

    and. .more!.
  23. Image by Radosław Cieśla from Pixabay .”But wait, there’s. .more!”.

    .- Billy Mays.
  24. .Ancientt. .A Cloudical Open Source Project. .Check it out at:.

    . Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay
  25. We are hiring! Cloud Engineers with Golang, DevOps and other

    topics! Twitter: @cloudical_gmbh
  26. “The door to both the beginning and the end.” -

    From Kozo Fuyutsuki, NGE The End