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Scrivener 101 - Kentucky Christian Writers Conference 2017

43e9a9d63f7f4f9891c9fcd592b89cfa?s=47 Greg Turnquist
August 11, 2017

Scrivener 101 - Kentucky Christian Writers Conference 2017

Deck from my presentation at the KCWC writer's conference.


Greg Turnquist

August 11, 2017


  1. Scrivener 101 Greg L. Turnquist

  2. Greg L. Turnquist Code slinger by day, author by night

    Super dad of 3 crazy, but lovable kiddos Non-fiction/Fiction author DARKLIGHT Greg L. Turnquist
  3. What is Scrivener? “The software that should cost $2000, but

    only costs $35.” - Tamara Leigh, USA Today Best Selling Author “…a musclebound electronic organizing system…” - Jerry Jenkins, New York Times Best Selling Author “The software that makes me able to ditch MS Word.” - Me
  4. Key Features Outline your stories Non-linear editor Filter as you

    work Full-screen composition mode
  5. Options, Options, Options PDF of your proposal for an agent

    Word document of your MS for an editor Kindle E-Book for Amazon PDF interior for Create Space ePub E-Book for SmashWords, B&N, etc.
  6. Scrivener Basics Binder Chapters & Scenes “Scrivenings” Cork Board Outline

  7. Binder Your story Character detail Other details Material for your

    e- books
  8. Chapters & Scenes Story Chapter Scene

  9. Chapters & Scenes - Scrivenings Filter

  10. Chapters & Scenes - Cork Board Layout scenes with 3”x5”

  11. Chapters & Scenes - Outline More detailed view of each


  13. Scrivener Basics Characters Background Other Research Icons

  14. Characters Character sheets Concept shot

  15. Background Location description Concept image

  16. Other Research Edits Feedback ARCs Concept images TODOs Queries Timeline

    Agent manuscripts Synopses
  17. Icons “We know about icons”

  18. Icons New subplot Point of View Status of the Scene

  19. Full Composition Mode

  20. Scrivener Summary You can do a lot, you can do

    a little Most used features Jump to any scene Flange down Print out a scene for critique group, create PDF of three scenes for agent For self publishing, it’s pure gold
  21. More Resources

  22. Want to know more? Contact me: Blog: Twitter: @gregturn

    FB: /GregsWritingCorner Email: