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Embrace Your Inner Grumpy: Metatesting in 2016

Embrace Your Inner Grumpy: Metatesting in 2016

Presentation I gave at GPUG on January 27, 2016

Chris Hartjes

January 27, 2016

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  1. A little something about me • PHP user since 1998

    • testing advocate since 2004 • writer of PHP books at http://grumpy-learning.com • working at Mozilla as QA engineer in Cloud Services • organize TrueNorthPHP • /dev/hell podcast • OpenCFP head honcho
  2. Mature Testing Tools • PHPUnit — http://phpunit.de • Behat —

    http://behat.org • PHPSpec — http://www.phpspec • Codeception — http://codeception.com
  3. Open Source • Every popular framework has extensive test suites

    • Lack of tests speaks volumes about intent • Great entry point into contributing
  4. Proof Exists • Study commissioned by IBM and Microsoft •

    White paper -> http://research.microsoft.com/en- us/groups/ese/nagappan_tdd.pdf
  5. “Hey boss, for just one extra day per week on

    this project we can get up to 90% fewer bugs making it into production”
  6. Cheaper Fixes • cheapest time to fix bugs is when

    the developer finds them during their work • cost of bugs needs to be evaluated as multiples of developer costs