CSS & i18n—dos and don’ts when styling multilingual websites

051dbe29a972707cde167602b38c9778?s=47 Gunnar Bittersmann
September 21, 2011

CSS & i18n—dos and don’ts when styling multilingual websites

The talk covers best practices and pitfalls when dealing with languages that create large compound words (like German), languages with special capitalization rules (again, like German), or languages written in right-to-left scripts. This includes things like box sizes, box shadows and corners, image replacement etc. It also covers benefits that new CSS 3 properties and values offer in terms of internationalization, a discussion wheather the :lang pseudo-class selector meets all needs or if there's more to wish for, and how to implement style sheets for various languages and scripts (all rules in a single file or spread over multiple files?). The talk will be of rather practical than theoretical nature.

Video: http://videolectures.net/w3cworkshop2011_bittersman_css/


Gunnar Bittersmann

September 21, 2011