Various Types in Best Hair Dryers

Hair dryers are an important accessory of your dressing room. Many leading hair styling tools manufacturers keep on adding new hair drying tools with improved technologies. These hair dryers quickly dry your hairs while retaining their natural shine and beauty.

The market's best hair dryers are classified into different types, depending on the used technology. They are categorized as ionic, ceramic heating unit best hair dryer, tourmaline, advanced hair dryers.

The ionic hair dryers act though negative ions. Unlike the positive ions, the negative ions act on cuticle and lock the moisture inside it. These negative ions have proved to be good for the natural shine and overall health of hairs. On the same time, the negative ions quickly break up the bond between the skin molecules. It never let your hairs dry and dehydrated. This helps to evaporate water completely and quickly. It is best for normal hairs.

The ceramic dryers are the best conductors of heat. They are well known for the uniform ejection and distribution of heat, without cold spots. Basically, such dryers contain a ceramic heater inside. The ceramic heater is a controlled heater. It delivers less heat but works like the maximum heat dryers. Its working is also based on negative ions. This locks the shine and natural bump of hairs. They are best for people with slightly difficult hairs.

The tourmaline dryers are a popular type of dryer. In such of these, the heating components are coated with the crushed tourmaline. Being a natural mineral, it has the property to give off negative ions. Some new models also combine the ceramic and the tourmaline dryers. Both, ceramic as well as ionic dryers have tourmaline components. Their distinguishing properties make them 70 percent more efficient and quick than the ordinary dryers.


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