Introduction to Serialization with Symfony2

E2ed7c278c8c49bb3e7fe0b7de039997?s=47 Hugo Hamon
November 23, 2012

Introduction to Serialization with Symfony2

Symfony comes with a Serializer component, which allows you to normalize and serialize your objects to multiple representations such as XML or JSON. This component becomes very helpful in certain circumstances like exposing data through a REST API. This talk will be split into three different parts. The first part will introduce the Serializer component underneath architecture and its basic usage. Then, you will learn how easy it is to extend the serializer in order to add custom serialization formats. Finally, you will discover how you can take benefit from the JMSSerializerBundle bundle that makes objects serialization easy, fun and intuitive with annotations.


Hugo Hamon

November 23, 2012