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[EN] About us - Hopin Inc.

May 03, 2024

[EN] About us - Hopin Inc.


May 03, 2024


  1. Why we do © Hopin, Inc. Unraveling interactions in complex

    market. To reduce the unexpected "pain" and increase the "joy" that arise from everyone's daily life, we create business impact that changes the social structure. As a first step, Hopin Inc. is challenging the social (non-profit, public) domain, which has great potential as a market that is deeply related to the people who build society together.
  2. 沿革 © Hopin, Inc. 2020 Led DX demonstration for the

    largest 24-hour gym in Japan. 2021 Co-founded RIZE Inc. in collaboration with Sanshow Group and Takagi Engineering, both of which promote the SDGs. 2022 Made a pilot release of "DeC," an accompanying design partner. Provided support for a total of 8 companies and 12 services. 2023 Working as a partner of a major design firm in Japan. Demonstrated a test of "civicship," an application that automatically records volunteer activities. Provided support for a total of 15 companies and 24 services. 2024 Released "DeC," an accompanying design partner.
  3. What we do © Hopin, Inc. Conducting various experiments every

    day, aiming for a cycle of mutual aid. DeC Accompanying 
 as a design partner 
 to co-create social business utilizing data.
  4. Vision of civicship © Hopin, Inc. Lack of people 

    working to solve 
 local problems Governance dysfunction 
 for distribution of 
 civic activities Redistribution of civic activities To solve...
  5. Background © Hopin, Inc. Relocatable Local people Outside Unrelocatable Level

    of interest in the region (issues) High In the past: Everyone participated in civic activities. Recently: Only a small number of people participate
 who are interested or commissioned Fewer people 
 engage in 
 civic activities Improper 
 distribution of 
 paid activities Monopoly 
 on good-paying 
  6. What we did © Hopin, Inc. iOS / Android App

    Automatic recording of volunteer activities The number of days and hours of volunteer activities can be automatically measured based on the location information of smartphones. Real-time activity sharing and automatically compiled activity statistics create a dynamic sense of "building society together. Web App Recruitment support platform for civic activities Improve engagement by visualizing volunteer and pro bono performance. Service Support NPOs in improving their operations Support digitization and streamlining of workflows such as customer management and transportation expense applications.
  7. What we are trying to do © Hopin, Inc. Matching

    between Local issues Tasks in civic activities & Idle assets Members Produce CSR activities 
 that contribute to the improvement of operations
 of civic activities / organizations.