This is Humza Ali living in Islamabad, Pakistan and I have been associated with real estate business for 12 years now and worked for many big projects and currently I am working for a great big project with name of Blue World City located in Rawalpindi.
It is the best project so far i am working on which have many key benefits, let me share some of them with you.

Blue Mosque Turkey Replica

A classic architecture- Blue Mosque in Istanbul was built by Muslim designers and architects in 1609. This marvel has inspired the developers of Blue World City to create a replica in order to restore Islamic and cultural values from that era.

Pakistan’s Biggest Water Theme Park

Another noticeable feature that makes Blue World City a place worth living, is the construction of the biggest water theme park in Pakistan. The park will include a specially designed pool for children along with surfing. It will also feature water rides and slides along with a volcanic waterfall. The park is designed to meet international standards.

Wide Network of Carpeted Roads

The first step of the society that is already under construction is a network of carpeted roads that connect all the sectors of the society. Along with carpeted roads, there will be sidewalks and pathways constructed for the cyclist and for the pedestrians. The design of the roads is according to the international standards to complement the theme of Blue World City.
Isn't it amazing well there is so much more like Blue World City Location that is also great. so i must say this is an interesting and big project i am working for.

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