Cool Staff of SVG

C0055c579633b487d66374ac8c33b826?s=47 Jiachi
November 23, 2016

Cool Staff of SVG

Interesting ideas of SVG. Cook with React.



November 23, 2016


  1. Cool Staff of SVG We LOVE ❤ SVG

  2. Fundamental SVG reference: Shape A + Shape B =>

    Awesome Graphics line path circle rect polyline polygon ellipse
  3. Why SVG? What’s special? Easily controlled by PROPS fill, stroke-width,

    stroke-linecap Good Compatibility DOM structured <svg><path d=“…”></svg> Positioning easily x, y, r, cx, cy, x1, y1…
  4. Control Your SVG with React Original Way Now we have

    React ! =>
  5. RESPINNER was born !

  6. Improve present situation we wanna control more details only single

    path icons?
  7. REICONS was born !

  8. Complex Application Scenarios d3 force layout graph multi-layer dependency complex

    relationship d3 geographic map fancy background image meaning data visualization
  9. Interesting Extension ISOMORPHIC JS Service serve static icons generate graphics

    request specific query, response dynamic visual display
  10. – huozhi Q & A