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eLife Lens - HW publishers meeting

eLife Lens - HW publishers meeting

Ian Mulvany

May 08, 2014

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  1. Ivan Grubisic Michael Aufreiter Graham Nott Concept, prototype testing, development

    front end, javascript, interface, development xml workflows and back end, image processing
  2. EJP zip AWS EC2 AWS S3 article xml AWS S3

    image optimisation AWS S3 lens index.html HW article page Amazon web services
  3. average time on lens article : 3:12 average time on

    html article : 3:34 need to do some more investigation, and segmentation, for me it’s an encouraging start.
  4. EJP TNQ submissions system typesetters 80% XML 80% XML +

    lens.js = Awesome reviewing experience
  5. Landes Biosciences, PeerJ also interested are PLOS, Dove Press and

    a project from the University of California Davis
  6. Altreader Anableps Glance Kaleidoscope Lens Mix Obake Panorama Panoreader PaperView

    Parallax Quarto Reader Savvy Scope Sense Spectare Telescope Vision Visum Wafer eLluminate