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CuDF – Maybe faster Pandas on the GPU via RAPIDS (NVIDIA)

February 06, 2024

CuDF – Maybe faster Pandas on the GPU via RAPIDS (NVIDIA)

PyDataLondon 2024-02 lightning talk on CuDF for faster Pandas (if you have a big enough GPU). There will be a write-up -> https://notanumber.email/


February 06, 2024

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  1. CuDF – Maybe faster Pandas on the GPU via RAPIDS

    (NVIDIA) PyDataLondon 2024-02 lightning talk @IanOzsvald – ianozsvald.com
  2. NVIDIA tech built on CUDA – “100% Pandas compatible” GPU

    accelerat. Run your dataframes in VRAM Linux/Windows (WSL) only Will add to 3rd edition of our book + course-> CuDF Pandas GPU Accelerator By [ian]@ianozsvald[.com] Ian Ozsvald
  3. RTX 3050 Ti (Laptop) 4GB VRAM vs 16 core i7

    64GB Demo 10M rows 3 cols of ints <1GB df By [ian]@ianozsvald[.com] Ian Ozsvald On RTX 3090 (24GB VRAM) I get a 30x speed-up with 400M rows (9.6GB df)
  4. “Potential” for 10x-100x faster in production You need >>2X VRAM

    than your df -> Fiddly to setup, dev experience tricky – suspend, drvr updates, Pandas 2 2024? Let’s discuss in the break Summary By [ian]@ianozsvald[.com] Ian Ozsvald
  5. Let’s discuss in the break – what are you building?

    Summary By [ian]@ianozsvald[.com] Ian Ozsvald Pandas 1.5
  6. /home/ian/workspace/teaching/fast_pandas/scratch/pandas_cudf_202312 sudo modprobe -r nvidia_uvm; sudo modprobe nvidia_uvm # maybe

    solves cudeaErrorUnknown after a suspend Appendix By [ian]@ianozsvald[.com] Ian Ozsvald