Use Cases for Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers

April 11, 2018

Use Cases for Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers

We live in an era of centralized trust of financial institutions, amazon, ebay and walled gardens. Distributed Ledgers and Blockchain promise to decentralize trust and "dis-intermediate" many of the traditional platforms, gateways and exchanges we are using everyday.

When people think of "Blockchain", many will immediately think of cryptocurrencies. But the use cases, technologies and possibilities go far beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum.

While public, permissionless blockchains promise anyone access to a distributed ledger and agreed state of the world, Federated Blockchains can be used by more-or-less known entities to collaborate, and they also allow control over data privacy and confidentiality.

This talk will give an overview of the motivation for Distributed Ledgers, the overall technology behind them, and possible use cases from Supply Chain to Digital Assets to Programmable Money.


April 11, 2018