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Building "The Loop" (Introduction to Frontend Development)

Building "The Loop" (Introduction to Frontend Development)

forLoop Covenant University conference


Ire Aderinokun

February 18, 2017


  1. Building “The Loop”: Frontend forLoop Covenant University Ire Aderinokun

  2. Hello! • Ire Aderinokun • UI/UX Designer and Front- End

    Developer • Blogger at bitsofco.de • Head of Technology at Big Cabal • Google Expert in Web Technologies
  3. What We’ll Cover • Introduction to Markup and Styling •

    Introduction Frontend Frameworks • Building “The Loop”
  4. Introduction to Markup & Styling

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  7. What is HTML? HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is structure

    of Web Pages. HTML elements define the content that is represented on any page.
  8. <p> Hello, world! </p> Opening Tag Closing Tag Content

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  10. Some HTML Elements Element Description <html> Sets the page as

    an HTML page <h1>, <h2>, … <h6> Heading <p> Paragraph <footer> Footer <a> Link (anchor) <input> Text Input Field <div> General Purpose Element
  11. What is CSS? CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) describes how HTML

    elements are to be displayed.
  12. p { font-size: red; } Selector Value Property

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  14. Some CSS Properties Element Description color Text colour font-size Text

    size background Background margin Margin position Position type border Border box-shadow Drop Shadow
  15. Introduction to Frontend Frameworks

  16. Why Frontend Frameworks?

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  18. Building “The Loop”

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  20. Join In! • Install angular-cli using npm • Clone the

    starting repository from bit.ly/theloop-fe
  21. The Final Product http://bit.ly/theloop-app

  22. Thank You! @IreAderinokun