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Hosting with Firebase

Hosting with Firebase

For Google Developers Launchpad in Sub-Saharan Africa (Lagos)

Ire Aderinokun

September 22, 2016

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  1. Hello! • Ire Aderinokun • User Interface Designer & Front-End

    Developer • Head of Technology, Big Cabal Media • Google Developer Expert (Web Technologies)
  2. What We’ll Cover • What is Firebase Hosting? • Why

    Static Hosting? • Key Features of Firebase Hosting • Getting Started with Firebase Hosting • More Features of Firebase Hosting
  3. Increase in Popularity Decrease in Popularity Stack Overflow Developer Survey

    2016 (http://stackoverflow.com/research/developer-survey-2016)
  4. The Importance of HTTPS • Security for Users • Modern

    Web APIs require HTTPS (e.g. Service Worker, Push API) • The Future Default
  5. 4 Simple Steps 1. Create a new Firebase project 2.

    Install the Firebase CLI 3. Initialise your application 4. Deploy your website
  6. Do More with Firebase • Hooking up a Custom Domain

    • Setting up a Staging Environment • Setting up URL Redirects and Rewrites • Setting Custom Headers • Scaling your Application