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JD.com Blockchain as a Service @ Tokyo in 2019

JD.com Blockchain as a Service @ Tokyo in 2019


成臣 Chengchen

December 06, 2019


  1. Blockchain + JD Cloud : Empowering Industries with the Value

    of Trust December, 2019 JD Cloud Evangelist – Fan Zhang Blockchain + JD Cloud : Empowering Industries with the Value of Trust December, 2019 JD Cloud Evangelist – Fan Zhang
  2. Immersive Experience Block chain AI AIoT Deep Learning Biological Information

    Recognition NLP Unmanned Driving Internet 3D Printing Transgene Superconductivity Nuclear Energy GPS Remote Sensing Neural Networks Laser Infrared Stem Cells Chip Cloud Computing Digital Twin Quantum Computation Cloud to the Edge Integrated Circuit Nanometer Bioengineering Big Data 5G
  3. Blockchain + JD Cloud: Empowering Industries with the Value of

    Trust ”BASIC” Technologies of the Digital Age
  4. Technology Industry Scenario Three Factors that Drive Blockchain Market Growth

  5. Global 500 In July 2019, JD.com entered the ranks of

    the Fortune Global 500 for the fourth time, in the 139th place, ranking third among the world’s Internet companies behind only Amazon and Alphabet.
  6. JD.com: Sustainable and Accelerated Growth l China’s largest retailer, with

    transaction volumes that have increased by a factor of 170K in the last 15 years, at a CAGR of 140%. l Services over 1 Billion Chinese Users. Jointly developed a unique global social e-commerce model with Tencent. l Core Values: Putting the customer first, integrity, collaboration, gratitude, all in and ownership. 220,000+ Merchants 1billion+ Consumers 7 million+ Enterprise Clients 【1】Source: The approximate statistical method of JD’s GMV data for key industry partners. GMV: Gross Merchandise Volume, total merchandise volumes. JD’s historical transaction volumes (in RMB) [1] 1530 3040 6067 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 17000 9392 13000
  7. JD: A Three-part Growth Story JD’s Core Values: Putting the

    customer first, integrity, collaboration, gratitude, all in and ownership. 01 Forging ahead 02 Improving Services 03 Providing Technology Empowerment Reaches 1B customers and 7M corporate clients. Total transaction volumes hit 1700B RMB in 2018. Transaction volumes increased by a factor of 170K across 15 years. 220,000 merchants join the platform. Becomes China’s first Internet company to enter the Fortune 500 Finance: Reaches 400M customers and 8M+ online and offline merchants Logistics:Establishes 600+ large- scale fulfillment centers and 23 "Asia Number 1" Warehouses. Establishes China's largest and most advanced e-commerce logistics center. JD’s Self owned logistics covers 99% of China's consumer population. Smart Supply Chain | Smart IoT | Smart City Blockchain Machine Learning Deep Learning AI …
  8. Inheriting JD Group’s retail-born multi-scenario expertise, bottomless insights and technological

    capabilities, JD Cloud becomes the most industrially oriented smart cloud services provider of the digital age. Super E-commerce = “Super Cloud” E-Commerce and Cloud Computing share the same DNA JD’s strengths in Cloud Computing JD Cloud’s Newcomer advantages Business model Multi- tenant Virtualization Capital Shareholder expectations Diverse Scenarios Market scale Best practices Better options
  9. Comprehensive Cloud Computing Services Backbone platform Infrastructure products Platform services

    Solutions / Applications E-commerce Cloud, Public Sector Cloud, Finance Cloud, Video Services Cloud, Health Care Cloud, Education Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Supply Chain Cloud, City Cloud… CRM, ERP, Enterprise E-mail, Enterprise Cloud Storage, Cloud Market… AI, Urban computing, BaaS, IoT, Machine Learning, Middleware, Micro-services, Database, Big Data Platform… Compute Storage Network Security and ID recognition Management & DevOps Hyper-converged data centers BGP networks/Leased lines IDC Maintenance From foundation setting to business consulting and planning, enterprise platform construction and operations, JD Cloud provides whole new solutions to help clients successfully move their businesses to the cloud and achieve digital transformation. Full Stack Full Spectrum Full Services Full Ecosystem IaaS PaaS SaaS Multiple industries IDC Cloud computing Integrated services Public clouds Private clouds Proprietary clouds Hybrid clouds
  10. Elastic Compute Virtual Machines | GPU Virtual Machines| Cloud Disk

    Service | Native Container | JCS for Kubernetes| Container Registry| Availability Group| Auto Scaling | Function Service Networking Virtual Private Cloud| Subnet & Routing | ACL & Security Group | Elastic IP VPC-Peering | Elastice Network Interface | VPN Gateway | NAT Gateway | Load Balancer | Application Load Balancer | Network Load Balancer | Distributed Network Load Balancer | Direct Connection | Collocation Connection Storage Object Storage Service | Storage Gateway| Cloud File System CDN CDN | Website Acceleration| Video Acceleration | Live Acceleration | Download Acceleration | CDN Edge Computing Database and Cache Service Relational Database Service| JCS For MySQL | JCS For MariaDB JCS For Percona | JCS For PostgreSQL | JCS For SQL Server | JCS For MongoDB DRDS | TiDB Service | JCS For Redis | JCS For Memcached | JCS For Greenplum | JCS For InfluxDB | Data Transmission Service Security Service Anti-DDoS Basic| Anti-DDoS Protection Package | Anti-DDoS Pro | Endpoint Security | Situation Awareness| Application Security Gateway | Web Application Firewall | Key Management Service| SSL Certificate | Security Expert Service | Baseline Check Service | Vulnerability Scan Service | Penetration Test Service | Incident Response Service | Cybersecurity Classified Protection | Information Security Training Middleware API Gateway | Message Queue | Queue Service JCS For Elasticsearch | JD Distributed Service Framework | Edge Network Tunnel Cloud Communication Text Message | Rich Media SMS | IoT Link Service E-commerce E-commerce Cloud | Points Mall | JD Cloud E-store Enterprise Application PLUS Enterprise Email | PLUS Meeting | PLUS Smart SMS | JD WorkSpaces Industry SaaS Minecraft Education Edition | Marketing Cloud | JD Cloud Zhike Marketing | JD DOOH Alliance | Intelligent Recommendation | JD Cloud Intelligent Marketing Tools | JD –AR Mirror Proprietary Cloud JD Cloud Stack | JD Cloud Swift | JD Cloud HCI Swift | NF1 ADC Hybrid Cloud JD Cloud Mesh | JD Cloud Migration | JD Cloud DRS Ohyisical Computing Cabinet Physical Computing | Cloud Physical Server | GPU Cloud Physical Server | Cloud Cabinet Service | Distributed Cloud Physical Service | Edge Physical Computing Service AIDC Co-location | Monoline & BGP Bandwidth | Distributed Access Service | Customized Inspection | IT Equipment Installation | IDC Local Technical Support | Network Architecture Design Service | Network Operation and Maintenance | IDC Assets Management | Server & Network Monitor Service Video Service Live Video | Media Processing Service | Video on Demand | Mobile Live Video SDK IoT IoT Core | IoT Hub | IoT Protocol Adaptor | IoT Edge Blockchain JD Blockchain Open Platform | Blockchain Data Service Domain Name & License Domain Name Service | ICP License Service | JD Cloud DNS | HTTPDNS Management Resource Orchestration | IAM | DevOps | Directory Service | Audit Trail | Monitoring | Cloud Detection | Log Service Developer Tools Code Commit | Code Build | Code Deploy | Code Pipeline Open API | CLI | GO SDK | Java SDK | Python SDK | C# SDK | PHP SDK | Node.js SDK | .NET SDK | Android SDK | iOS SDK | Command Line Interface Big Data & Analytics Data Factory| Data Integration | Data Compute | JD MapReduce | Stream Hub| Stream Compute| Column-oriented Storage| Data Visualization Artificial Intelligence Automatic Speech Recognition| Text to Speech| Face Compare | Face Search | Face Detect and Analytics | Face Anti-spoofing | Selfie Segmentation | Lexical Analysis | Syntactic Parsing |Sentiment Classifier | Short Text Similarity | Text Categorization | Commentary Extraction| General Image ORC | Identity Card Recognize | Vehicle License Recognize | Value-added Tax invoice Recognize | Food Recognition |Image Anti-porn Recognize |Specific Subject Face Recognition | Snap Shop | Image Matting | Photo Filtes Matching | Image Style Classification Rich Portfolio of Services
  11. Covers all dimensions of security Account security, system security, network

    security, application security, data security, compliance audits, VPC WAF, situation awareness products, etc. Powerful Self-developed Technologies Multiple release iterations resulting in 300+ products Ultra high available Architecture Services Solid operation and maintenance ability 99.95%monthly SLA achieved in past 6.18and 11.11shopping sprees Physical Tri-partitioned disaster recovery deployment scheme. Stable Super High Availability (HA), 4 regions and 10 availability zones. Abundant resource reserves One of the largestGPU clustersin China. One of the largest docker clusters in the world Reliable Cloud Services
  12. l Unique super high availability (Super HA) service architecture offers

    end-to-end HA guarantee. l This physical redundancy and disaster recovery solution is realized through three dimensions—Regions, Availability Zones and Fault Domains (FD)—meeting our customers’ high availability needs and ensuring continuous operations. l Fully supports super HA-core services such as cloud hosting, server mirroring, cloud disks, cloud storage and databases. High Availability Web Applications Scalable high performance computing applications Innovation: Super High-Availability Services
  13. Comprehensiv e services Cloud Storage CDN Cloud Search Load Balancing

    Video Cloud IaaS 11.11 Global Shopping Spree Transaction volumes Growth Rate:27.9%YoY JD Cloud assurance backing JD’s 11.11 global shopping event 11.11 Assurance All businesses/scenario 24/7 cloud monitoring. Customer re- insurance and plan completion with 100% security guarantee Peak operations per second reached 1.2 million operations per second per day, an increase of 50% Daily averages reached nearly 1 million times/second, increasing 30% Transfer rates of dedicated AZ lines greater than 500Gbps. Peak & average traffic increased by 300% Overall peak traffic increased 44% YoY Access requests up 36% YoY Total webcasts exceeding 10,000 sessions Total webcasts exceeding 30,000 hours On Demand broadcasts exceeding 20,000 hours Searches reached a daily peak of 133K times/second. Average search volumes reached 70K times/second. Peak and average traffic up 30% YoY Data from 2019 JD 11.11 event CNY 204.4bn Entrusted Cloud Services, Overseeing Massive Shopping Event
  14. JD Cloud Ecosystem Video

  15. The JD cloud ecosystem provides resources and support for partners

    and gathers technology service providers in the cloud computing field to jointly provide services and values to customers. Offices Healthcare Education Marketing Retail Smart Cities Finance AI Blockchain AIoT Logistics Internet Fusion Media Core resources Elastic computing Storage Database Retail resources Online demo Offline activities Exclusive channels Customer resources Enterprise clients Government clients Individuals Brand resources JD OEM Logo design Property rights registration HR Support Operations workforce Product workforce R&D workforce Financial support Financial evaluation Investment potential Developing Mega Ecosystems
  16. As a core part of JD Cloud's blockchain sub-ecosystem, the

    JD Blockchain Open Platform integrates with cloud services to enable low cost source tracing, certification storage, blockchain environment setup and other local solutions to enable more efficient and agile applications and high quality enterprise services. High performance and low cost blockchain solutions. • Optimize experiences, guarantee food safety • Reduce costs, increase efficiency, engage users with precision • Marketing decisions driven by smart analysis • Ensure top notch service quality with efficient management Transparent Product Information A Reliable Home for Data Quickly Setup Enterprise Blockchain Environments The JD Blockchain Open BaaS Platform Blockchain Anti-counterfeiting Source Tracing Platform Blockchain Depositing and Authentication Platform • Automate evidence gathering with multi-source data. • Reliable depositing and authentication, authoritative confirmation mechanisms • One-click evidence provision, instantly alert the courts • Legal infringements detection and warnings, smart intellectual rights services • Lower barriers to entry, fast blockchain deployment • Upgrade efficiency, reduce overall costs • Customization, satisfy scenario specific needs • Secure and stable, guiding business development The Blockchain Sub-Ecosystem: JD Blockchain Open Platform
  17. Blockchain best practices for the retail industry, the technical basis

    for quality shopping Genuine & Quality Closed-loop Logistics Fresh Agriculture Ensure the safety of ingredients and the authenticity of the source Medical Traceability Offline Merchant Full-process traceability to ensure medical safety and control Alcohol / Beauty Full traceability of genuine anti-counterfeiting Reach consumers, precision marketing and interaction 3C / Secondhand Presenting the source of the product Inspection process and results Cross-border e-commerce Full traceability ensures direct extraction of origin Luxury Increased efficiency of warehouse counting After-sales stop loss accurate to a single product, to identify the authenticity of the Transparent supply chain helps build a quality image Empowering Retail with the Value of Trust
  18. Overseas Direct Purchase International Transportation Bonded Warehouse Internal Transportation Consumer

    Empowering Retail with the Value of Trust Blockchain best practices for the retail industry, the technical basis for quality shopping
  19. JD Cloud has built a blockchain underlying and anti- counterfeiting

    traceability application platform for retail fragmented data collection, storage and display Blockchain best practices for the retail industry, the technical basis for quality shopping Empowering Retail with the Value of Trust
  20. JD Logistics Third Party Partners Service Providers Postal Association Installation

    Distribution Etc. Installation capability, installation credit Carrier Credit, Driver Credit Underlying blockchain data Logistics Blockchain Products Logistics business products form ecology Extraction Application Maintenance Blockchain helps to build an international logistics ecology of openness, symbiosis and mutual trust. Empowering Logistics with the Value of Trust
  21. Streamline the process Paperless sign-off Reducing the cost of delivering

    Fast electronic sign-off Signature signed real and valid Improve the user experience ¥ 400M/Y Blockchain helps to build an international logistics ecology of openness, symbiosis and mutual trust. Empowering Logistics with the Value of Trust
  22. Shorten system deployment time from 2 months to 2 days.

    Visual interface improves customer experience without additional cost End to end solution, covering release readiness to survival management Standard Asset Bazaar supports multi-asset types Financial blockchain ABS standardization scheme, future asset securitization standard infrastructure Empowering Finance with the Value of Trust
  23. ABS(Asset-Backed Security) Scenario In June 2019, JD.com introduced the market's

    first blockchain ABS standardized solution. Ø The efficient synchronization of multi-node information and the non-tampering of asset information through blockchain technology Ø Reduce labor costs and probability of errors with smart contracts Ø Effectively monitor asset risk with transparent management of asset pools, optimize issue efficiency and cost Ø Strengthen the penetration management of basic assets with cutting-edge technology to protect investors' rights and interests Law firm Credit Rating Agency Accounting firm Managed Bank Program Manager Sales Agency Asset service providers Back-up asset service Provider Original equity holder -Forrester Blockchain Research Report - Financial blockchain ABS standardization scheme, future asset securitization standard infrastructure Empowering Finance with the Value of Trust
  24. 700 online brands, 50,000 SKUs, 2.8 million after-sales user inquiries

    Shopping Reduce the traditional ABS project process to 30 seconds, directly reducing labor costs by 30% Supervision process traceability and temperature reading of class II vaccines 9600 To help the vaccination station to achieve all 13 intelligent management of class II vaccine, completed 223 children 274 vaccination records. Medical data recorded on the blockchain platform 1.4B assets managed and operated with blockchain technology 500M+ improve the efficiency of traditional judicial certificate >88% Accelerate judicial rights protection and reduce litigation costs. Arbitration can be reduced from 60 days to 7 days. Judicial Blockchain + JD Cloud : Empowering Industries with the Value of Trust
  25. None
  26. Mission Be the Trusted Partner for Customers Across Their Digital

    Transformation Lifecycle. Positioning The Most Industrially Oriented Smart Cloud Services Provider of the Digital Age. Vision Connect with the World via the Cloud.
  27. THANKS ! JD Cloud Developer Community JD Cloud Wechat Official

  28. JD Cloud Blockchain Zhu Lang December, 2019

  29. JD Blockchain Service BaaS Digital Certificate Medicine Traceability BDS ···

    ··· Anti-counterfeit Traceability
  30. JD BaaS Platform High Performance High Security l Optimized Fabric

    5000TPS+ l JD Chain 10000TPS+ l Horizontal Scaling JD Chain is open source,official website:http://ledger.jd.com/ Public Cloud、Private Cloud、Hybrid Cloud Blockchain Base Platform (Fabric,Corda,EEA…) Narrow Blockchain as a Service Generalized Blockchain as a Service (Blockchain Application + Supporting Service) Bl ockchai n Cl oud Ser vi ce IaaS PaaS SaaS l Sharing under data privacy protection l Compatible with multiple encryption algorithms l Integrating with National cryptographic algorithm
  31. JD BaaS Platform Product Architecture 金融业务组 件 存证业务组 件 …

    BaaS-Web API & SDK Public Cloud Hybrid Cloud Private Cloud JD Chain EEA Fabric One-click Deployment Enterprise Network Cross-chain Interconnect Identify Chain Open Interface Scenario Adaptation Event Notify Trouble Shooting Log Management Monitor Management Version Management Application Management User Management Certificate Management Contract Management Application Management Storage Management Key Management Business Service Resource Management Monitor Operation Service Platform Resource Interface Application Supply Chain Electronic Contract Fresh Traceability Data Certificate Medicine Traceability Public Welfare
  32. JD Digits Blockchain Anti-counterfeiting and Traceability Platform Process Information Detection

    Information Logistics Information Material Information Sales Information Produce Information
  33. JD Digits Blockchain Invoice and Contract Platform Judicial chain architecture:

    Judicial chain process: Storage and Authentication Obtaining Evidence and Verifying Taking original evidence by one click with the system, reducing risk of tampering; Make hash check for on-blockchain data with original evidence to confirm data authenticity and integrity. Judicial Authentication Notary Office Court CA Organization Other Organization The judicial league of blockchain shares the creditable data For applications accessed to the judicial chain, evaluation shall be made to their deployment environments, system processes, management mechanisms and others and only compliant data can be accessed. When the evidence is submitted, the cost of check and verification is reduced. Rules are set in advance, reducing evidence check and verification cost Data authentication is made when the business occurs, reducing risks of false data. In addition, thanks to requirements for data generation and curing rules, data authenticity is enhanced. In-process authentication reduces false data risk Evidences are taken via the system so that the possibility of tampering evidence is reduced. As the data stored by blockchain for authentication are directly connected to the court, they are of high creditability and reduce cost of time and labor due to notification and judicial expertise. Taking Evidence by One-click, Improving Efficiency of Safeguarding Legal Rights Strict Evaluation Creditable Time Creditable Environment Creditable Application All Processes True and Credible Before process After Full Link Function Real-name Verification Authoritative CA Trusted Time Stamp Encryption Transmission Privacy Protection Risk Control Credit Evaluation
  34. Medicine Traceability Service Certification Service Monitor Operation Contract Management JD

    BaaS BaaS - Web API & SDK Consensus Algorithm Contract Certification Data Operation Resource Supply Manufacturer Company Logistics Transport Company Dealer Company Medicine Agency Government Regulation JD Medicine Traceability Platform Management Platform IOT Device Data Interface APP Vaccine Traceability Management Platform IOT Device Data Interface APP General Drug Traceability Management Platform IOT Device Data Interface APP Instrument Traceability Management Platform IOT Device Data Interface APP Reagent Traceability
  35. Data Silos Service Fabric Full Node A Full Node B

    Block Data Service Block Data Service JD Chain Full Node A Full Node B Block Data Service Block Data Service BTC Full Node A Full Node B Block Data Service Block Data Service ETH Full Node A Full Node B Block Data Service Block Data
  36. Data Dispersion Block Header BLOCK Prey Block Hash Body of

    the Block(Transactions) Genesis Block Hash Data ( List of Transactions ) 1st Block Hash Hash Hash Data ( List of Transactions ) Data ( List of Transactions ) Data ( List of Transactions ) 2st Block 3st Block 4st Block 5st Block Timestamp Version Difficulty Target Nonce Merkle Root Hash TX 1 TX 2 TX 3 TX 4 TX 5 TX 6 TX 7 TX 8 … TX N
  37. Blockchain Data Service Linked Data Raw Data Aggregated Data Isolated

  38. Blockchain Data Platform ETH Public Chain JD Blockchain Data Service

    Google Alliance Chain Private Chain BTC XRP LTC … Supply Chain IP Copyright Payment Financial … Charity Fund Government Network … Voting System
  39. Product Architecture BTC Blockchain Data Third Party Data LTC ETH

    XRP BCH … Exchange Info Forum … Big Data Analysis Platform TX Value New Address TX Count Active Address TX Fee … Address Type Blockchain Data BI Tool SQL Query Condition Query Data Visualization Data Intelligence Account Count
  40. ETH Tables

  41. ETH Data ETH:108 Million Chain Size:3.3 TB Address:97 Million TX

    Value:1.58 Million TX Count:0.69 Million Active Address:247 thousand coinbase :5264 ETH Smart Contract:16.5 Million Token:126 thousand
  42. Product Features Rich - Cover dozens of well-known blockchain projects

    such as BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, JD Chain. - Define 100+ blockchain data metrics. Convenient - Support conditional query by click and drag interaction. - Support standard SQL, implement complex query logic. - Real-Time generation of various data reports and graphical interfaces. Profession - Provide a set of standardized blockchain data metric models. - Relying on the software and hardware architecture support of JD Cloud, it has the characteristics of fast query speed and high query efficiency.
  43. Application Scenario 1 Digital Supervision The blockchain data service provide

    100+ custom metrics such as DAU, MAU, retention rate and TX frequency. The above data truly and objectively reflects the operation status of the blockchain, thus forming a complete operational analysis report of the blockchain. Digital Supervision Blockchain Size DAU MAU TX Frequency TX Value User Retention
  44. Application Scenario 2 1Go1Pz2Fev4rxyt1kGCEU… …… 12fYZ1riDQBfZxo8FFCBY… 14pe3qAghcFrdvsDU67Br… 3PbJsixkjmjzsjCpi4xAYxxa… 1Po1oWkD2LmodfkBYiAk… ……

    Blockchain TX Records Criminal Evidence Because of the anonymity of digital currency, it is often used by criminals for illegal criminal activities. The blockchain data service completely records transaction information. By analyzing the transaction behavior between addresses can locates the flow of funds, then obtains valid evidence of financial crimes.
  45. Architecture BTC Node Blockchain Node XRP Node ETH Node Exchanger

    Social Media Queue Splitter Blockchain BI Service Machine Learning Cache Service API Service Report Service Data Process Framework Data Warehouse Event Service BDS ETC Node LTC Node …
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