Worked in pretty much every segment of ICT. Believes to have some experience in this area, after taking part in over 300 projects over the past decade. Supports himself and the family since the age of 18. Managed to create an active online community with over 1.3 million people from scratch and with no funds in a country with almost no Internet infrastructure. Attracted investors to help with the further development of said community at the age of 21. Went for the best long term offer. Somehow managed to create 40% growth per year in first 4 years of this partnership. Can even explain how. Lives on adrenaline generated in the process of materializing things people believe are impossible. Believes work hours are for pussies. Capable of planning, developing, managing and maintaining serious online projects as a one man show. Knows a ton of computer related abbreviations and isn't afraid to use them. Won't talk about problems. Will solve them. Makes a difference. Anywhere. All the time.

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