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A history on security and how to win the battle

Joshua Thijssen
August 26, 2012

A history on security and how to win the battle

Joshua Thijssen

August 26, 2012


  1. 07C0:0050 07C00 0050+ 07C50 0000:7C50 00000 07C50+ 07C50 007C:7490 007C0

    07490+ 07C50 8086 segmented memory layout segment reg. offset reg. << 4 + physical address 16-bit 16-bit 20-bit
  2. 386 protected memory layout + descriptor directory entry page table

    entry physical address directory page offset cr3 gdt / ldt page directory page table page frame linear address descriptor table selector offset 32-bit 16-bit
  3. it is much easier to trick someone into giving a

    password for a system than to spend the effort to crack into the system -- K. Mitnick
  4. 99.999% of all programmers are NOT trained or have the

    capability to identify security threats. The other 0.001% will not be able to identify them ALL OF THEM ALL THE TIME.
  5. There is no (quick) solution. but we have to change

    the way we deal with security radically, by not dealing with security...
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