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Lightning Talk - Mushroom Foraging: These Probably Won't Kill You

Jenny Bramble
January 13, 2022

Lightning Talk - Mushroom Foraging: These Probably Won't Kill You

How is foraging for mushrooms like software testing? Both of them have requirements that need to be strictly followed in order to be correct.

Jenny Bramble

January 13, 2022

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  1. Mushroom Foraging Thes e Probably Won’t Ki ll Y o

  2. There are bold mushroom hunters and there are old mushroom

    hunters. There are none that are both.
  3. Chanterelle Yellow to bright orange False gills Grows on leaf

    litter Grows individually—does NOT grow in clumps Does not glow in the dark
  4. Chanterelle - Color Yellow to Bright Orange

  5. Chanterelle - Underside False Gills

  6. Chanterelle - DELICIOUS

  7. Chicken of the Woods Yellow to bright orange Polypore Grows

    on trees (including underground roots)
  8. Chicken of the Woods - Color Yellow to Orange

  9. Chicken of the Woods - Underside Polypore

  10. Chicken of the Woods - DELICIOUS

  11. Lion’s Mane White to off white Toothed Grows on trees

    Weirdly fuzzy
  12. Lion’s Mane - Habitat On Trees. High High Up On

  13. Lion’s Mane - DELICIOUS