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March 24, 2023


This is the artbook of my master's final animation project.
It's a little animation about a girl who finds a magic toaster in the attic of her new house. You can see the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6QWx_p8nVE

Hope you like it!!


March 24, 2023

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  1. Genre: adventure, comedy Format: series Technique: 2D Duration: to be

    determined Audience: children 7+ Data sheet 02
  2. Synopsis Moving can be exciting, but also overwhelming and boring.

    Especially for Tess, a 7-year-old girl who arrives with her parents at their new house. But her opinion is about to change when she finds a magical object in her attic with which she can travel to any time and place in just a spark. For now, it seems a bit random, and this can be dangerous. Will Tess be able to find a way to control it and travel at will? 03
  3. Tess Our protagonist, Tess, is a curious and fearless 7-year-old

    girl. She likes to investigate and read books about curiosities of nature, search for bugs in her garden, and get dirty with mud. But what she loves the most in the world are dinosaurs, and she wants to decorate her new room with this theme. 05
  4. The day she finds the toaster, she doesn't hesitate for

    a second to approach it. Not even the electricity and sounds it emits will be enough to stop her. 06
  5. Tess' dinosaur patch Tess's parents will give her this dinosaur

    patch as a gift when they finish moving, and they will iron it onto her favorite overalls. Designing the patch with Tess's favorite things 08
  6. Mom and dad Tess's parents are young and sweet. They

    have been living together since they started dating ten years ago, and during that time they have lived in several homes, some better than others. They always wanted to move to a big house, and when Tess was born, this became a necessity. Now, seven years later, they were able to fulfill this dream. 10
  7. Universe Tess lives in a normal house, on a normal

    street, in a normal world. But she finds an abnormal toaster that allows her to travel through time and space. 11
  8. It's an apparently normal and modern toaster, but quite loaded

    with energy. Who could have left it there? 12 Concept of an alternative to the toaster: a strange contraption with buttons.
  9. Inside the toaster, she finds a rat that becomes her

    friend and first companion in her adventures. Tess names her Toast and takes her to live with her in her room. 13
  10. Some parts of the house Stairs leading to the upper

    floor Hallway and door to Tess's room Entrance to the attic (from above) Entrance to the attic (from below) 14