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March 24, 2023


Art process for the game Night Wolf, best game & best visual winner of Málaga Jam Weekend 13 (2022) (yay!)

I participated in my first game jam and I’m very proud of my team. My role was concept artist and art director while my couple and my friend programmed everything, and one friend more made the 3D. We had the collaboration of Krill Audio who made the sounds of the game.

I’m so excited for the result and I discovered a new passion: game jams. Thanks to everyone in the jam and to those who supported this from outside to make this possible, and thanks to my team and Krill Audio for giving me a wonderful first time!

Synopsis: You play as Bonnie, the mighty werewolf-girl. Your objetive is to survive during the day and fight during the night!


March 24, 2023

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