Fidelity and the Art of Persuasion: How to Sell Your UX Vision

Fidelity and the Art of Persuasion: How to Sell Your UX Vision

So you have a killer idea and you are ready to sell through your UX vision. You’ve got various internal and external stakeholders that you need to get on board. They have varying levels of technical savvy and involvement. But in a world of cross-channel experiences with an ever-growing number of touchpoints, communicating a vision can be a challenge.

The presentation covers the key ingredients you’ll need to sell a UX vision. I examine ways to craft your UX deliverables so that they tell a story in a way that clearly communicates your vision. I also discuss the importance of selling the vision to your internal team as well as your external audience. And I touch on how to adjust the fidelity of deliverables based on an audience’s needs and expectations in order to make sure that the presentation elevates the content of the work. And we’ll explore tools and techniques to make deliverables fun, engaging and memorable.


Jane Reinberg Guthrie

March 30, 2014