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Jimmy Huang
July 19, 2014


Open Source CMS導入政府之爛傷、濫觴

Jimmy Huang

July 19, 2014


  1. 這是一個人形 Drupaler 的成長故事 • 社群是 DrupalTaiwan from 2005 • 工作是

    Drupal for NPO 網絡行動科技 from 2009 • 興趣是 Drupal for NPO ICT netiCRM from 2011 • 專長是 Drupal/PHP/Javascript 開發 http://nodeone.se/en/the-drupal-learning-curve-a-configurators-view 不過最近有多了別的興趣 ...
  2. Since 2005, the Australian Governments position on open source software

    has been one of “informed neutrality” and “value for money” in accordance with the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines. “Informed neutrality” establishes an unbiased position that does not favour open source or proprietary software.
  3. Principle 1: Australian Government ICT procurement processes must actively and

    fairly consider all types of available software. • 不能排擠開源或非開源軟體 • 需考量軟體的 whole-of-life costs, capability, security, scalability, transferability, • 在決策過程中,政府採購單位,需把開源方案拿 出來跟廠商提供的非開源方案比較
  4. Principle 2: Suppliers must consider all types of available software

    when dealing with Australian Government agencies. • 廠商必須列出開源和非開源的選擇 • 廠商必須根據需求,條列出使用或不用開源軟體 的緣由
  5. Principle 3: Australian Government agencies will actively participate in open

    source software communities and contribute back where appropriate. • 政府要不斷跟組織和其他國家合作,在開源領域 尋找好的示範 (Best Practice) • 政府必須在合適情況下,回饋於開源社群
  6. http://www.finance.gov.au/procurement/procurement-policy-and-guidance/commonwealth-procurement-rules/ Achieving value for money 4.4 Achieving value for money

    is the core rule of the CPRs. Officials responsible for a procurement must be satisfied, after reasonable enquires, that the procurement achieves a value for money outcome. Procurements should: • encourage competition and be non-discriminatory; • use public resources in an efficient, effective, economical and ethical • manner that is not inconsistent with the policies of the Commonwealth; • facilitate accountable and transparent decision making; • encourage appropriate engagement with risk; • be commensurate with the scale and scope of the business requirement
  7. 澳洲鄉民的回應 Sample 1 http://goo.gl/x6OI7Q 翻譯: CTO John 你好 – 用

    Solr 吧! – GovCMS 不 Open 嗎 – 回饋給社群吧
  8. http://www.house.gov/content/cao/procurement/PDFSolicitations/DrupalSourcesSought.pdf Drupal Sources Sought of House of card.gov The CAO

    has established a flexible Drupal hosting platform as the preferred web hosting environment for the House. Members, Committees, Leadership, Officers and Officials (the CAO’s customers) each manage and control a public web site. These customers have the independent authority to select the web vendor of their choice provided that vendor meets specific House requirements. In total, there are nearly 520 unique House web sites within House.gov. • 做 520 個網站的超大標案 • 請廠商提供 Code ,但不會有任何合約 • 等審閱完成後,把合格的廠商都找來一起做
  9. 政府沒遠景 開源廠商 不想碰 各級單位沒 理由 GOV. 鬼島 SI 廠奇蹟 好歹學

    OBM 包裝一下 你公司人會不會太少 開源軟體會不會被駭? 政府合作實績是什麼? 報告寫這麼多好麻煩 承辦到底懂不懂網路啊 還不都是大廠商得標?
  10. Principle 3: Australian Government agencies will actively participate in open

    source software communities and contribute back where appropriate. • 政府要不斷跟組織和其他國加合作,在開源領域 尋找好的示範 (Best Practice) • 政府必須在合適情況下,回饋於開源社群 重點是健康的開源環境吧!