Changing Mindsets: Developers can Understand the Business too! @ P3X 2018

Bf5494be4dd7a8e936cd964374d86eb0?s=47 João Rosa
November 09, 2018

Changing Mindsets: Developers can Understand the Business too! @ P3X 2018

In the Domain Driven Design world everyone points to the ubiquitous language as paramount to the success of the project. However, often the developers fall under the pitfall of the technical jargon; the business assumes the developers have all the necessary business knowledge, given incomplete requirements; combining all these communication problems leads to frustration, missed opportunities and ultimately to project failure.

Given the miscommunications and misunderstandings between the development and the business, several questions arise: how can you learn to communicate and closely cooperate with the business, or even better be part of the same team? Also, how can you help the business to deliver a clear vision?

In this session, João will show you how to engage the development team and the business using DDD tools and techniques, using Behaviour Driven Development as the central piece to bring everyone closer. If you have a similar experience, or you want to emerge into DDD & BDD, the session is for you!


João Rosa

November 09, 2018