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React vs React-Native

React vs React-Native

Newbiew/Beginniner friendly exploration into what is similar and what is different in react-native

Jesse Wolgamott

August 17, 2017

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  1. Is it Native? JS runs on virtual machine on the

    mobile device and communicates with the native code
  2. Rendering React React-Native Editor Atom Atom Language JSX JSX Toolset

    WebPack WebPack Metaphor Components Components Testing Jest Jest Linter Prettier Prettier
  3. Easy, Fun 1. create-react-native-app 2. use Echo App to run

    on mobile device 3. Eject 4. Build and Deploy
  4. Hard, :( 1. create-react-native-app 2. Eject 3. Integrate with mobile

    app 4. Run on mobile device or simular 5. Build and Deploy