Boostrapping Inclusion - REFACTR.TECH

Boostrapping Inclusion - REFACTR.TECH

Diversity and Inclusion are hot topics right now. But, year after year, our industry fails to move the numbers significantly. It seems everyone is talking about it, but how do you actually bring about change?

In this presentation, I’ll share the concrete actions from my efforts to bring inclusive practices into an engineering organization. From conceptualization to communication and implementation, you’ll hear about what worked and where I struggled. You’ll walk away with real world tactics—going beyond unconscious bias training and rooney rules—that you can use to start building your own inclusive workplaces.


JWong Works

June 07, 2019


  1. JWONG WORKS June 7, 2019 Bootstrapping Inclusion REFACTR.TECH 2019 @attackgecko

  2. JWONG WORKS The Situation

  3. JWONG WORKS The Situation 35 Engineers • 5 Women (14%)

    • 4 Hispanic/Latinx (11.4%) • 1 LGBTQ (2.8%) • 0 Black Engineers (0%) NYC Population* 52.3% Women 27.5% Hispanic/Latinx 4.5% LGBTQ 25.1% Black *
  4. JWONG WORKS Why Now?


  6. JWONG WORKS –McKinsey & Company “… 21% more likely to

    outperform on profitability and 27% more likely to have superior value creation”
  7. JWONG WORKS –Rocio Lorenzo and Martin Reeves, Boston Consulting Group

    “…19% points higher innovation revenues and 9% points higher EBIT margins.”
  8. JWONG WORKS –Roger C. Mayer, Richard S. Warr, Jing Zhao

    “…announce an average of two extra products in any given year”
  9. JWONG WORKS –Catalyst “. . .companies with the highest percentages

    of women board directors outperformed those with the least by 53%”
  10. JWONG WORKS –HBR “1.5% spike in overall fund returns each

    year and had 9.7% more profitable exits “
  11. JWONG WORKS –First Round “…companies with a female founder performed

    63% better than our investments with all-male founding teams”
  12. JWONG WORKS Why Now?

  13. JWONG WORKS Prior Life • 100 → 1000+ employees •

    3 engineers → 85+ engineers • 0% → ~35% Women • 50% Women hires
  14. JWONG WORKS Why Now?

  15. JWONG WORKS –Jason Wong “There is no easier time than

    right now.”
  16. JWONG WORKS Day One


  18. JWONG WORKS —Cate Huston “Inclusion First”

  19. JWONG WORKS –Anonymous CTO How Do I Hire More Women?

  20. JWONG WORKS Hiring is the Easiest Part

  21. JWONG WORKS Terrible Things

  22. JWONG WORKS Pay Inequity Women: $0.80 Black Women: $0.63 Latina

    Women: $0.53
  23. JWONG WORKS Career Stagnation Executive Parity Index White Men: 1.81

    Hispanic Men: 1.07 White Women: 0.65 Black Men: 0.63 Asian Men: 0.56 Hispanic Women: 0.49 Black Women: 0.30 Asian Women: 0.24
  24. JWONG WORKS Harassment “. . .about a third of men

    said they had done something at work within the past year that would qualify as objectionable behavior or sexual harassment” - New York Times
  25. JWONG WORKS Assault 10.8% of college men reported perpetrating at

    least 1 rape from 14 years of age through the end of college.
  26. JWONG WORKS —Cate Huston “Inclusion First”

  27. JWONG WORKS Getting Started

  28. JWONG WORKS Vision Mission Strategy

  29. JWONG WORKS Vision A workplace where people of all identities

    and experiences are understood, appreciated, and fully included in the community and where equitable treatment and outcomes prevail.
  30. JWONG WORKS Vision

  31. JWONG WORKS Mission Create a company of Allies

  32. JWONG WORKS Strategy Build Awareness Provide Education Effect Behavioral Change

  33. JWONG WORKS Vision Mission Strategy

  34. JWONG WORKS Inflection Points

  35. JWONG WORKS Not Complicit → Complicit

  36. JWONG WORKS Believing in the lived experiences of others.

  37. JWONG WORKS Standpoint Theory People on the receiving end of

    oppressive systems, people at the bottom of social hierarchies, will see things more accurately than the people at the top.
  38. JWONG WORKS Believing in the lived experiences of others.

  39. JWONG WORKS Investing Time and Money

  40. JWONG WORKS Inflection Points • Not complicit → Complicit •

    Believing in the lived experiences of others • Investing time and money

  42. JWONG WORKS Awareness

  43. JWONG WORKS Introduced Myself

  44. JWONG WORKS Communicated Vision, Mission, Strategy

  45. JWONG WORKS Discussed Current Events

  46. JWONG WORKS Current Events Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

  47. JWONG WORKS Current Events Binary Capital

  48. JWONG WORKS Current Events Google Manifesto

  49. JWONG WORKS Discussed Current Events

  50. JWONG WORKS Diversified Social Networks

  51. JWONG WORKS Celebrated Wins

  52. JWONG WORKS Awareness

  53. JWONG WORKS Education

  54. JWONG WORKS Reading List

  55. JWONG WORKS Reading List • Etsy’s recommended reading list for

    allies • Why Women Leave Tech • • Lara Hogan’s Ally Resources • Geek Feminism – Feminism 101 • Project Include
  56. JWONG WORKS Allyship Training

  57. JWONG WORKS Education

  58. JWONG WORKS Effecting Behavioral Change

  59. JWONG WORKS Improved Discourse

  60. JWONG WORKS Improved Discourse • Addressed inappropriate comments/jokes • Involved

  61. JWONG WORKS Removed Racist Slack Emojis

  62. JWONG WORKS Intent != Impact

  63. JWONG WORKS Changed How We Named Things






  69. JWONG WORKS Compensation Calibration

  70. JWONG WORKS Compensation Calibration • Pay discrepancies • Career progression
  71. JWONG WORKS Compensation Calibration PRO TIP: Make People Whole Immediately

  72. JWONG WORKS Inclusion as a Point of Performance

  73. JWONG WORKS Inclusivity as a Point of Performance • Demonstrated

    Performance • Set expectations at every level • Forcing function for conversations
  74. JWONG WORKS Inclusion as a Point of Performance A Rubric

    for Evaluating Team Members’ Contributions to an Inclusive Culture - Chelsea Troy
  75. JWONG WORKS Interviewed for Inclusion

  76. JWONG WORKS Interviewed for Inclusion • Interview for your performance

    evaluation • Toxic people are a tax
  77. JWONG WORKS Effecting Behavioral Change



  80. JWONG WORKS Left Unsaid

  81. JWONG WORKS Left Unsaid • Diversifying Executive team • Diversifying

    Engineering leadership • D&I company values • Unconscious bias training • Parental leave benefits • Anti-retaliation policies • How to apologize • Anti-harassment benefits • Physical safety/counseling benefits • Code of Conduct • Interview training • ERGs • Gender pronouns • Sponsorship • And more . . .
  82. JWONG WORKS This is Hard

  83. JWONG WORKS Let’s Rally

  84. JWONG WORKS 1% Better

  85. JWONG WORKS Thank You @attackgecko