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CSS Beyond the Basics

October 25, 2009

CSS Beyond the Basics

A CSS Lesson for frontend beginner in Alipay.com at 2009.


October 25, 2009

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  1. Use CSS Reset Why need CSS reset? How to use

    it? Introduce some CSS reset. ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  2. Why need CSS Reset Different Internet Browser has different CSS

    default style adjust size and style of type to make uniform appearance ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  3. How to use CSS Reset Put CSS reset at the

    top of CSS frame Avoid to use * CSS selector Don’t just CLEAR but RESET ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  4. CSS Reset Resource First CSS Reset by Tantek Global White

    Space Reset: *{ margin: 0;padding: 0;} YUI CSS Reset Reset Reloaded by Eric Meyer KISSY CSS Reset by lifesinger ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  5. How to use CSS Reset Put CSS reset at the

    top of CSS frame Avoid to use * CSS selector Don’t just CLEAR but RESET Less is more ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  6. Two box models Quirks & Standards mode IE/Mozilla ‘s button

    Elements’ bug IE browser’s doctypes & the box model relation ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  7. IE Browsers, doctypes and the box model Doctype used Win/IE5

    Win/IE6 HTML 4.01 Transitional ‐ missing doctype Quirks Quirks HTML 4.01 Transitional ‐ full doctype Standards Standards XHTML 1.0 Transitional ‐ full doctype Quirks Quirks XHTML 1.0 Transitional ‐ missing Prolog Standards Standards ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  8. CSS Display 3 main display properties: block, inline, none Document

    flow How to hide an element? ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  9. Display:block Takes up the full width available, with a new

    line before and after <div>,<h1>...<h6>,<p>,<ul>,<ol> ,<dl>,<li>,<dt>,<dd>,<table>,<blo ckquote>,<pre>,<form> ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  10. Display:inline Takes up only as much width as it needs,

    and does not force new line <span>,<a>,<strong>,<em>,<img >,<br>,<input>,<abbr>,<acronym> ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  11. Hide an element height:0;overflow:hidden; visibility:hidden; display:none; same color with the

    background position it far away from screen range ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  12. Position Static Relative Absolute fixed In Document Flow out of

    Document Flow ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  13. Problems with Floats The Great Collapse Pushdown Double Margin Bug

    The 3px Jog Bottom Margin Bug ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  14. Negative margin Fix CSS bug Find new ideas about CSS

    layout Holy Grail layout Layout Gala by Alessandro ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  15. Table based Layout Table is a data container Table is

    structure not style Sometimes we use table based layout ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  16. Type Selectors: div{color:#f00;} Descendant Selectors: div em{color:#f00;} ID Selectors: #head{color:#f00;}

    Class Selectors: .fn-hide{display:none;} Grouping Selectors: #head,#foot{color:#f00;} Universal Selectors: *{margin:0;} Child Selectors: #head > div{width:100px;} ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  17. Adjacent Selectors: p+p{color:#f00;} Attribute Selectors: input[type=text] {color:#f00;} CSS Pseudo-Classes Reference:

    a:link{color:#f00;} CSS Pseudo-Elements Reference: .fn- clear:after{color:#f00;} Detail... ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  18. CSS Selector priority important Style ID Pseudo- Class, attribute ,Class

    Pseudo- Elements ,Tag #head .link a:hover{c olor:#f00 ;} 0 1 1+1 1 ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  19. CSS Hacks Hack as less as you can Web standard

    First, Acid3 Test Hack for IE, then IE6 Only use one hack method ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  20. IE Hacks #head{ height:30px; *height:33px;/* hack ie */ +height:32px;/* hack

    ie7 */ _height:30px;/* hack ie6 */ } ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  21. Browscap: No CSS Hack Have a look at Yahoo.com source

    code .ua-ie6 #head{height:30px;} .ua-ie7 #head{height:32px;} .ua-ff3 #head{height:33px;} ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  22. IE Haslayout Haslayout is a part of IE CSS Render

    Engine haslayout=-1, such as body,html,tqble,img,input,iframe,embe d,hr,marquee(not include div) Detail... ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  23. How to debug CSS style Firebug Layout & Style panel

    CSS border trick CTRL+F5 force renew cache ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  24. CSS Specification Separate words by a single dash, e.g. span.btn-ok-disabled

    Use a meaningful prefix and don’t add new one, e.g. .fn-, .ft-, .ico-, .btn-, .com- Use Class selector instead of ID selector No inline styles in HTML tags ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  25. Fonts settle multi-language align problem: SimsunaTahoma Tag ‘A’ without ‘href’

    property cause ‘:hover’ style lapse ‘IE 1px bug’ fixed by ‘overflow:hidden’ Force word not wrap compatible with IE6,7,FF3đwhite-space:nowrap CSS files save as no BOM uft-8 format, ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ
  26. CSS comment avoid ‘/******/’ ‘caption’ set ‘padding’ instead of ‘margin’

    in IE ‘overflow:auto’ element declare ‘position:relative’ to fix its child elements ‘ position bug No block element in inline element More... ୍ᄅರྒ௹ರ