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Choosing a reliable and timeless jewellery box may sound easy – that is if you solely base your criteria on the box’s design – however, if you go beyond the design, choosing the best jewellery box can turn into a confusing task.

If you are currently looking for the perfect jewellery box for you or someone else, the following are the top factors to consider when purchasing the right jewellery box.

1. The materials
If you are looking for a jewellery box that will remain very durable even after 5 to 10 years, you should look for a jewellery box that is made from high-quality materials; as an example, jewellery boxes that are made from wood, particularly from hardwood or from high-quality MDF (Medium-density fibreboard).

Why not use a plastic-made or metal-made jewellery box?

There is nothing wrong with using a plastic-made, metal-made, or a glass-made jewellery box, but in comparison to the wooden-made jewellery box, the formers have more disadvantages than the latter; these include the following:

• Most of these materials are prone to moisture build-up inside the box, which may cause irreversible damage to fashion pieces of jewellery.
• Plastic-made jewellery boxes are not durable – it gets scratches, easily breaks when mishandled or accidentally falls into the ground, and it doesn’t provide enough security to your pieces of jewellery, especially the authentic ones.
• Metal and glass-made pieces of jewellery may cause damage to your collection of accessories or jewellery, especially if the interior of the boxes aren’t designed with the right cushion and with enough compartments.

So, if you are going to choose a jewellery box today, make sure it is made from hardwood or high-quality MDF. At this source, you’ll find well-designed and well-crafted MDF-made jewellery boxes that you’ll find worthy to purchase.

2. Well-designed compartments
If you own more than five pieces of jewellery you should consider a jewellery box with enough compartments that will keep all of the valuable accessories organized and safe from entanglement with other pieces of jewellery.

Choose a jewellery box that will allow you to safe-keep each jewellery with enough space; for instance, if you own two expensive watches or bracelets, it would be wise to choose a jewellery box with compartments that are designed for watches or bracelets. Through this, there are fewer possibilities that your necklace or earrings, and even rings will get entangled with other pieces of jewellery.

Also, choose a jewellery box with soft cushion and lining inside it; this will keep your jewellery free from scratches and possible damages due to the hard surface inside the box.

3. The size
Choose a jewellery box that can accommodate all your valued accessories or pieces of jewellery. Give enough space for every jewellery you have; this will avoid entanglement and inevitable damages.

4. The security
Lastly, choose a jewellery box with a reliable lock. This is because the jewellery boxes in general, are often vulnerable to thieves or burglary.

Final Thoughts
Do not just pick anything, when purchasing a jewellery box – it has to be durable, well-crafted from high-quality materials (both inside and outside of the box), the size, and the security.

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