(User Group talk) Building, Dismantling, & Re-using Community Initiatives

B9371330cad1f8da5d346d3ee090a98d?s=47 Kara Sowles
January 30, 2018

(User Group talk) Building, Dismantling, & Re-using Community Initiatives

NOTE: This is a talk I wrote for a small, local community manager user group! I note this because the production level on the deck isn't as high for this reason. It's also not parseable as a deck, apologies! For my conference talks I make sure the deck is followable even for folks who weren't present. Still, it was fun to write and I'm posting it here.

Building a successful Community program is a wonderful experience at the core of Community Management. What happens, however, when programs inevitably decline? This talk is about the equally important steps of eliminating outdated initiatives, deconstructing your favorite successes, and rebuilding from their foundations. Kara Sowles will take us through some concrete examples from her 5 years at a single company.


Kara Sowles

January 30, 2018