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Micro frontends and micro services

Micro frontends and micro services

Modern app development has made front-end web/mobile apps more powerful but more complex as a result. The complexity bred a new way of thinking about developing front-end features in mobile applications. With the advent of microservices came micro frontends—which brings the microservice concept of splitting up the backend into feature slices to the front-end.

Micro frontends break modern web/mobile apps into feature slices. Each feature is owned end-to-end by a single team or business unit. That allows them to work tightly coupled across the entire stack end-to-end and still come together as a team to deploy a cohesive experience.
With modern web/mobile apps, the end-user still gets a cohesive experience, but the architecture underneath and the way that the teams work together is different.

I talked about building micro frontends as companions to micro-services on the AWS User group Islamabad Meetup organised by AWS Community Pakistan in collaboration with Markaz Technologies (YC W22)

Kashif Mehmood

August 07, 2022

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  1. Micro Frontends as a Companion to Microservices Kashif Mehmood

  2. "A microservice architecture is characterized by independent services that are

    focused on a specific business function and maintained by small, self- contained teams." aws.amazon.com
  3. Common Application Architecture Cart Service Payment Service Shipping Service Monolith

  4. "The idea of micro frontends is to extend the concept

    of microservices to the frontend world" micro-frontends.org
  5. Micro Frontend Architecture Cart Service Payment Service Shipping Service Parent

    Frontend Cart UI Payments UI Shipping UI
  6. The Whole Team Backend Team Front End Team Front End

    Team Cart Ship ping Pay ment Cart Ship ping Pay ment Cart Ship ping Pay ment Micro Architecture Monolith Front and Back end Micro Services Micro front and backend Middle Ware Middle Ware
  7. Problems with Monoliths • A monolithic style for front-end in

    modern web app development results in performance issue affects speed and lacks clarity • In the time of agile, it seems like the only back-end is able to follow agile principles as code of front-end is monolith (developing system as a whole) • Scalability is a bigger issue with the front-end given that the other parts of the applications are built with microservices architecture
  8. None
  9. Pros of Micro Frontends • Scalable, parallel development • Simple,

    decoupled codebases • Independent deployment • Autonomous Teams • Individual testing and less regression issues
  10. In short, micro frontends are all about slicing up big

    and scary things into smaller, more manageable pieces.
  11. Challenges of Micro frontends • Parent/child integration • Operational overhead

    • Consistent user experience
  12. Brans Using Micro Frontends • Upwork • Spotify • Zolando

    • Open table • Reddit • Ikea • DAZN • Starbucks • Sound Cloud • SAP • Open Table • Microsoft
  13. Markaz

  14. https://forms.gle/L2Wx3rrGk7bu3JmF6