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Set a Goal Intentionally - Module 1

Set a Goal Intentionally - Module 1



January 02, 2021

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  1. Setting a Goal Intentionally Welcome to Day 1!

  2. Take a Step Back Let's first examine WHY we're setting

    a goal. Often when we set a goal, we do so because we think it's what we "should" be doing. I want to make sure you rid yourself of that kind of thinking. Goals are something to set by you FOR you, they can help us achieve amazing things in life because you want to!! You also want to make sure you're not setting a goal out of fear, guilt or shame but rather out of love for yourself. Why have you decided to invest your time and energy in this course today? What do you get out of setting time aside to focus on yourself? How will this benefit future you?
  3. Then, try to connect this WHY reason to an intention

    for today's module. Here are a few ideas: "I value giving myself time & space to reflect while planning out my future so my intention is to be present throughout this module." "I want to show up as the best version of myself this year so I am prioritizing my well-being in a new way. My intention is to listen to my inner voice." Take a big deep breath in... and release.
  4. Scarcity vs. Abundancy Mindset Scarcity Mindset: not being or having

    enough Abundant Mindset: focusing on limitless opportunities Choosing goals when you're in a scarcity mindset can lead to unsatisfactory results. If you're coming from a place of lack, not being enough for instance, and you set a goal in order to make you feel like "you're worth it" but you don't truly believe you are worth it, you'll dread the process. If you were to instead come up with a goal from an empowered, excited and juicy place (that would feel AMAZING to accomplish), think about how much better of an experience it'd be. All around.
  5. Scarcity vs. Abundancy Does this goal feeling limiting or expanding?

    So how will you know if your goal is coming from a scarce or abundant mindset? The best question to help determine this is: For instance, if your goal is to prove someone wrong - it could be a great driver for a while for sure but I want better for you. Let's instead try to envision your best self - what motivates her?? How does she want to be showing up in the world? And if this is something you're struggling with, take a moment to write out things you're proud of yourself for accomplishing (even the tiny things like making your bed or drinking a glass of water today *runs to the kitchen*). Tuning into gratefulness will also help.
  6. Our purpose for setting this goal Why does this matter?

    Because if we want to actually follow through with the goal, we need to feel like it's for a powerful reason - one that will keep us going even when we don't "feel" like it. If we can get intentional with our goal-setting it increases the likelihood of us achieving the goal.
  7. Then, in order for it to actually be the right

    fit for us, we want to stop and reflect on why we're choosing this goal specifically. For example, say we want to set a goal of getting fit...are we doing this for vanity reasons or because we truly want to be healthier? And either is fine as long as it's the right fit for you & who you ultimately want to be.
  8. Goal setting You may have come into this course with

    a goal in mind already but to cover all bases, let’s go through the different areas you might want to set a goal in. I’ll preface by saying you’ll want to not overwhelm yourself here. The idea with this course is only to choose ONE goal to focus on.
  9. Goal Categories Hobby Relationships/friendships Family Creativity Nutrition/Diet Fitness Knowledge Money

  10. Goal Setting Check-in Questions Is this goal aligned with the

    best version of myself? Will I need to undergo some sort of mini-transformation to reach this goal? What was the genesis of this goal to begin with? (ie. if it was because of a negative comment or through comparison, it might not be the best goal to set after all) Is this goal something I'll be proud of accomplishing? *in the downloads section I've included this as a checklist
  11. Clarity: Goal Setting Next, we want to pay some attention

    to the feelings behind this goal. Wondering what the heck that means? Well, we often set a goal and don’t give any thought to what the process of achieving the goal will even be like. So we underestimate the level of commitment it might take. OR we achieve the goal and then are left feeling a bit lacklustre. Unsatisfied. All because we never stopped to think about what we wanted to FEEL once we had achieved it. What are the feelings that come up for you when you think about the process of achieving this goal & what are the feelings that come up when you think about having achieved the goal?
  12. TIP: Choose a process-based goal over an outcome-based goal. This

    is completely up to you but in my experience, process-based goals are amazing in transforming you into a better version of yourself. A great example of these kinds of goals are instead of having a goal of losing 30 pounds (outcome-based), you focus on being active 3-5 times a week (process-based). Often we end up getting closer to the outcome we would've set anyways but because we've changed our focus...so we get there much faster and feel way better!
  13. RECAP Set the mood Meditation Pay attention to why you're

    doing this in the first place Set an intention for this mini course Be mindful of setting your goal from an abundant rather than limiting place Confirm you're choosing to set it for the right reasons List out the areas of your life & where you'd potentially like to set a goal Choose the one that lights you up the most Go through the clarity worksheets Clarity: Goal Setting
  14. Module 2 Coming up... Plugging the goal into the SMART

    model Reviewing & tweaking the goal to our liking Ensuring it's in alignment with who we ultimately want to be Determining our starting point to prepare for the action plan
  15. Get in touch I'd love to hear how this module

    went for you! EMAIL hello@katieblodgettcoaching.com WEBSITE www.katieblodgettcoaching.com INSTAGRAM @katieblodgettcoaching