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Set a Goal Intentionally - Module 2

Set a Goal Intentionally - Module 2



January 05, 2021

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  1. Setting a Goal Intentionally Welcome to Day 2!

  2. Intention Welcome back!!! Take a moment to review your course

    intention from Module 1. Check in with yourself again, express gratitude for showing up & think about what you'd like to get out of this today! If it's helpful at this point to do the meditation again, go for it. Are you showing up willing to work further on your goal today & give this your full attention? Great!!
  3. Rundown Now that you have your goal, we're going to

    focus on tweaking it to a place where you feel good enough about it to move on to the action plan. Today's focus is alignment & refinement. Even if you feel solid in your goal at this point, just see if there's any room for improvement or something you can take away to apply to your goal.
  4. Core Values Before we touch the SMART model, you'll want

    to make sure you're checking whether the goal you currently have is aligned with your core values. We always want to be living in alignment with our values, the individual set of guiding principles in life that represent who we ultimately are and want to be. If all went to plan (by answering the questions in module 1), you likely would've chosen a goal that would already be in line with your core values. However, if upon review you find it's not - no worries! Tweaking is what today's module is all about. Let's run through what some core values are in case you don't currently have your values written out somewhere!
  5. Authenticity Balance Connection Dependability Empathy Freedom Growth Honesty Core Values

    This is by no means a comprehensive list so I would encourage you to come up with your own or take advantage of the hundreds of value lists people have created. Integrity Justice Knowledge Leadership Mindfulness Optimism Passion Quality Respect Service Trust Understanding Vision Wealth If you even just choose 1 or 2 values that matter the most to you & then tweak your goal so that it's aligned with it, you'll be way ahead of the curve!
  6. SMART Model Take your goal & run it through the

    SMART model. Adjust as needed. Note: Applying this model is only one step in goal tweaking. I don't want you to only focus on the what, I want you to focus on the why & the feeling behind it all. When setting an intentional goal, we care about the way it's going to feel along the way & what we want to feel when we've achieved the goal. Specific: if someone asked you what your goal was, would it sound vague? Measurable: can you track the progress of it somehow? Attainable: is this goal possible for you to achieve? Relevant: is there a good reason for you to do this now? Timebound: is there an end point to the goal?
  7. SMART Model I would argue that the most important part

    of the SMART model is whether it's measurable, how can you track the progress of your goal? You want to set a goal that you can go back to, monitor progress in and make sure you're doing everything possible in order to achieve the goal because THIS is where the true transformation lies. Reflecting back on how it's going and where you could be improving is something that often gets overlooked. We'll touch on this more in Module 3.
  8. Feelings check-in Now that you've worked out the details of

    the goal, take a moment to reflect again on how this goal makes you feel. Does it make you want to jump out of bed in the morning or get started right away? How do you want it to make you feel? What do you need right now? Is it aligned with the best version of yourself? Is there anything more you can do to tweak this goal so you feel better about it?
  9. Letter to future you You're going to be writing 2

    letters throughout this course, this being the first. I'd like you to write a letter to future you, explaining how you really hope this is something you’ll be able to accomplish. Why you want to and what you anticipate the challenges of it will be. Explain what you think it'll bring to your life. Think about what else you might want to read about when future you gets to look back on this letter (be sure to save it somewhere & add in a reminder to your calendar/system to go back and read it).
  10. RECAP Meditation Set your intention for today's module Plug your

    goal into the SMART model Reflect on how your goal FEELS Review the work you've completed here Write the letter to future you & add in a reminder to your calendar Alignment
  11. Module 3 Coming up... Action Plan breakdown Mindset work including

    a belief plan Preparing for setbacks Visualization board Mantra Your second letter
  12. Keep in touch. I'd love to hear from you! EMAIL

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