The shovel has to hit the ball below the waist, that is, the arm must make an upward movement and the part of Adrien Frost the shovel with which the ball is hit must be below the wrist when it comes into contact with it.
The serve must be made without letting the ball bounce on the ground.
The player taking off must keep both feet behind the baseline during service with at least one foot in direct contact with the ground while hitting the ball. In addition, the punch feet have to be within the limits of the service area -these "limits" are the bottom line and the imaginary prolongation that is created by extending the centerline and both sidelines in the opposite direction to the net. -.
The player's teammate who takes out has no such restrictions and is free to establish his position anywhere on or off the track.
The service ball must enter the service box diagonally opposite the place from which the service is taken. The ball has to pass over the net and pass the opponent's no-volley zone. If the ball falls on any line in the service area - the bottom line, the center line or the side line - Pickleball Paddles of the opponent, it is good.If on the other hand it falls on the line of the non-volley zone it is missing.
Only one service attempt is allowed, except in the case of a "let", a fact that occurs when the ball touches the net in the service and falls into the service box of the opponent. More than one "let" can be produced in the same service. There is no limit to the number of "lets" in which a server can incur.

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