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How Nagios is leveraging Ansible Network Automation

How Nagios is leveraging Ansible Network Automation

Learn how Nagios leverages native Ansible modules to manage network automation in Nagios XI.

It's simple -- Nagios delegates a whole ton of stuff to Ansible in terms of network automation, so that we can focus on what we do best, which is monitoring. That's why I am super excited about Ansible’s Network Automation abilities – it means we don’t have to write a whole ton of code in order to offer our customers an extension of what our products can do. See a demo how Ansible network automation has been incorporated into our business.

Presented by... Aaron Cieslicki, who helps administrators and organizations monitor IT environments through tutorial videos, webinars, live chat, and email. Since Nagios products can monitor nearly anything that runs on electricity, he cultivates broad knowledge on myriad topics, including operating systems, networking, storage, applications, databases, websites, APIs, and protocols.


Keith Resar

November 21, 2019


  1. Tonight’s presentation: How Nagios is leveraging Ansible Network Automation OR

  2. Tonight’s presentation: How AnsibleFest showed me how completely, entirelty wrong

    my thinking was when I first scheduled this talk.
  3. Do you know who I am?! Aaron Cieslicki Lead Integrations

    Specialist ac@nagios.com LinkedIn: Aaron Cieslicki
  4. Hoped-for take-aways for y’all • Ansible for Network Automation exists

    • How the cool kids are doing it • A little about Nagios
  5. The problem: AnsibleFest

  6. Nagios does monitoring

  7. How it works

  8. The initial Nagios Ansible use case Deployment Automation

  9. Ansible Pros / Cons • Pros • Open source, linux-based,

    fast, workable, already in use with some of our clients • Cons • Need to teach it to some of our clients, Windows automation seems difficult
  10. Challenges and Results • Challenges • Writing for others instead

    of writing for ourselves internally • Supporting all possible client configurations • Results • Strong anecdotal evidence for success, good video views
  11. Next steps on this first automation • Windows support •

    Writing playbooks with Tower in mind • Nagios Log Server integration
  12. And now … network automation • Did you know Ansible

    can run automation on networking devices? • https://docs.ansible.com/ansible/latest/modules/list_of_network_modules.htm l
  13. Why would Nagios care? • Our customers and prospects routinely

    ask us for configuration management for network devices
  14. My AWESOME!!! idea • Ansible automates a backup, Nagios monitors

    that the backup file exists, and is fresh. • We just bundle in Ansible, and save ourselves tons of developer $$$$
  15. And then … AnsibleFest • … where I learned how

    the cool kids are doing configuration management
  16. So now what for my big idea? • The new

    big idea: • Inventory script / plugin – Nagios as the source of inventory truth
  17. Other cool things I could do • Configure network devices

    for log and NetFlow data export to Nagios Log Server and Network Analyzer
  18. Questions / ideas / feedback ?