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SSIs Interview Presentation - Egwu Kenneth

SSIs Interview Presentation - Egwu Kenneth

Second Stage of the Erasmus SSIs Selection Process

Kenneth Egwu

March 01, 2023

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  1. INTRODUCTION AND MOTIVATION • Problem statement - SDG Goals (2030)

    • Motivation ◦ Application of Smart Systems towards achieving the SDG Goals ▪ 2 - Zero hunger (Smart Farming) ▪ 3 - Good health and well-being (Smart Medical Systems) ▪ 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy (Smart Energy Systems) ▪ 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (Smart Industries - Automation) ▪ 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities (Smart homes, cities and vehicles)
  2. ACADEMIC BACKGROUND • Undergraduate Studies (FUTO, Nigeria) ◦ Foundational knowledge

    in Electronics and Computer Engineering ◦ Practicals and Labs • Industrial Attachment ◦ IEEE Skill-Up Training ◦ Chai Wet Al Technologies ◦ Nigerian Airspace Management Agency • Extracurricular Activities ◦ MOOCs (Embedded Systems & IOT, Electric cars, Battery management systems, Cybersecurity and more)
  3. SKILLS AND EXPERTISE • Practical Skills ◦ Electronic Circuit Design

    and Simulation (Using Proteus and Easy EDA) ◦ Circuit Implementation on breadboards and PCBs ◦ C/Arduino Programming • University Project ◦ Design and Implementation of a Remotely Controlled Unmanned Automotive Surveillance System • Other Projects ◦ Smart Lighting Point System ◦ Smart Fish Pond Fig. Smart Lighting Point System Fig. Smart Fish Pond (Under construction) Fig. Remotely Controlled Unmanned Automotive Surveillance System
  4. RESEARCH INTEREST • Cyber-physical Systems ◦ Internet of Things ◦

    Smart Vehicles (Driverless cars) ◦ Smart grids (Smart meters and energy systems) ◦ Smart Farming ◦ Smart Homes and Cities ◦ Smart Industries (Automated manufacturing plants) POST STUDY PLANS • Short Term ◦ PhD in Cyber-physical Systems • Mid Term ◦ Gain Industry Experience • Long Term ◦ Start up a company (Building Smart Solutions to the world problems) ◦ Drive the adoption of Smart Systems in Africa