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Advanced productivity hacks

97b8897f620c6dc18f4ea6a53e0e0796?s=47 Ekene Eze
September 28, 2019

Advanced productivity hacks

This is a result of an interview I conducted with industry leaders on their productivity routines and lifestyle. In it, you will learn how these high performing individuals go about their daily activities and the things they do stay productive.


Ekene Eze

September 28, 2019


  1. Advanced Productivity Hacks For Fullstack Developers

  2. First, a few questions... Ever woke up pumped to do

    stuff only to realise at bed time you didn’t really do shit? Ever looked at your todo list and it’s all due but you didn’t cross out anything? Or maybe you’ve once opened your laptop to work and ended up chilling on Netflix? Ever worked so hard to meet a target and got stressed half way and be like you know what! I can’t come and kill myself? Or perhaps you have planned to tackle one issue on Github until that your friend with your mumu button came and put you in TGIF mode.
  3. TGIF!!!

  4. Peter Ekene Software Developer Writer Community advocate Twitter: @kenny_io

  5. Productivity is the art of getting quality work done with

    less time and effort. Productivity It is more about working smart than working hard
  6. The importance! • Helps us keep ourselves in check •

    Helps us understand our strengths and limitations • Helps us improve on our habits and extend our limits • Helps us achieve more in less time • Keeps us a step ahead at all times • Keeps us goal focused
  7. Sustainable productive habits Some developers and teams often run to

    technical tools for help when there is need to get more productive, as much as it helps, it doesn’t make you a better developer personally, and it doesn’t improve your habits. You can use tools to help you achieve something really quickly today and still be the i can’t come and kill myself developer tomorrow
  8. Chris Sevillejah Founder: Scotch.io GDE Simona Cotin Microsoft: Cloud Developer

    Advocate Brian Holt Microsoft: Cloud Developer Advocate Prosper Otemuyiwa Cloudinary: Developer Advocacy Consultant
  9. Limit Distractions A distraction is anything, whatever it may be

    that stops you from concentrating on something else. It could be someone singing around you, a thought in your head, an ad that caught your attention, an unexpected phone call, a notification, and so on. Whatever be it that breaks your concentration and takes your focus to something else is a distraction
  10. Be task specific Setting goals are important but achieving them

    is even more rewarding. Defining the tasks you have for the day is an excellent way to organize yourself and manage your time. The more important part of the process is, being very specific with your tasks and with the times scheduled for them. Generally, the fewer tasks you have on your list, the more likely it is that you’ll get them done. Todo list A • Work on my React project • Submit talk proposals • Finish my Drafts Todo list B • Implement user sign up and authentication in my React project • Submit proposal to Fullstack Lagos Event • Complete my Scotch Draft on “Typescript Essentials.”
  11. Prioritize tasks It’s important to be specific with your tasks

    but what’s even more important is your ability to schedule them in the order of importance. Some todo applications help with this. They let you set priority levels for all your tasks. If you work in a team, and your team has goals. Of course you will have to achieve the next one first before the second. Of all the people i interviewed, This part was the most important for Simona.
  12. Change environments often As the saying goes, you can’t do

    the same thing consecutively and expect a different result. If you’re struggling with staying productive at the office or at home, working from a different environment could give you a fresh perspective and a renewed mind.
  13. Other habits • Get sufficient rest and sleep • Don’t

    reinvent the wheel, unless necessary • Automate recurrent processes
  14. Resources https://www.codebeast.dev/developer-productivity-survey/