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Building customizable checkout experiences with Flutterwave

97b8897f620c6dc18f4ea6a53e0e0796?s=47 Ekene Eze
October 16, 2019

Building customizable checkout experiences with Flutterwave

In this presentation, you'll learn how to build diverse checkout experiences and customize them to suit your different user needs using Flutterwave


Ekene Eze

October 16, 2019


  1. Building Customizable Checkout systems with Flutterwave

  2. This is me, scrolling through my Instagram page on a

    very usual day
  3. Lookgood store ? Let's check them out!

  4. I see amazing products! This will definitely look good on

    me? Asking my brain My Brain:
  5. Sooo shopping Spree it is I'm getting that shoe!

  6. Sooo shopping Spree it is I'm getting that shoe! And

    that watch!
  7. Sooo shopping Spree it is I'm getting that shoe! And

    that watch! Throw in the hat too
  8. I'm not looking at the total price, at this point

    i'm thinking...
  9. Huh ?? My card details Wait, who is this seller

  10. Huh ?? My card details Can I trust them with

    my card?
  11. Huh ?? My card details What if they don't deliver

    the items?
  12. Huh ?? My card details I think i know what's

    going on here
  13. So i conclude

  14. Just wasted my precious time Dammit! I still have to

    get these items…. I should check Amazon
  15. Ahah! Now we are talking

  16. • An empathetic developer who cares for the clients conversion

    rates • A business owner looking for ways to drive more sales and reduce SCA • An attendee looking to understand how checkout systems work AUDIENCE
  17. Attention SEO Products UI Design

  18. Conversion Rate SCA Rate

  19. 69.23% S.C.A Rate

  20. !Trust They don’t know who they’re paying They don’t know

    who is processing the payment They don’t feel secure
  21. Trust Personalize your checkout systems Security badges Only ask for

    necessary details Currency consistency
  22. Customizable Contents Payment Options Payment Links Displayed Information

  23. • Dashboard Context • Integration Context Customizable Payment Options

  24. • Dashboard Context • Integration Context The Flutterwave Checkout provides

    two payment option contexts - • Dashboard Context • Integration Context
  25. Dashboard Context Merchants can go to their dashboard settings to

    enable the payment options they want their customers to see on the Checkout system
  26. None
  27. Integration Context For merchants with more advanced or multiple integration

    requirements, this is the preferred context for configuring payment options
  28. None
  29. Switching Between Context

  30. As the merchant’s needs change, he can switch between the

    two contexts at any time from the dashboard settings as shown below:
  31. Customizable Display Information

  32. Display contents Logo Pay button (Integration Ctx) Title/Desc

  33. None
  34. Type to enter a caption.

  35. Type to enter a caption.

  36. • Get access to technical support from Flutterwave Engineering and

    community • Dedicated programming support across languages • First hand access to private products • Direct access to Flutterwave advocates • Hackathons across regions and universities • Job Fairs • Startups program • Flutterwave Developer Network
  37. bit.ly/f-d-n

  38. Thank you!