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Rave Integration for the Web

97b8897f620c6dc18f4ea6a53e0e0796?s=47 Ekene Eze
September 14, 2019

Rave Integration for the Web

Rave is Flutterwave's flagship product that makes it possible for businesses to accept payments from anywhere in the world. This presentation works you through how to integrate it into your web applications


Ekene Eze

September 14, 2019


  1. Rave Integration For Web Apps!

  2. HELLO! I am Peter Ekene Dev Advocate, Flutterwave. You can

    find me on Twitter @kenny_io 2
  3. Rave Inline A simple script that installs Rave into a

    new or an existing project. 1
  4. PROCEDURE RAVE INLINE • Create a Rave TEST account, get

    public key. • Add the TEST inline js script to HTML • Setup ravePayManager function with TEST key • Call the function on button click • Confirm payment on Rave dashboard Here’s a live script <script src="https://api.ravepay.co/flwv3-pug/getpaidx/api/flwpbf-inline.js"></script > 4
  5. “ Hey! We all like free code… Let's clone a

    repo 5
  6. Let’s clone an OSS project! ◎ Clone https://github.com/Kennypee/FoodStore.git ◎ Install

    and serve ◎ Integrate Rave 6
  7. Live Code! 7 You’re not allowed to laugh if things

    go south
  8. Payment Link Now let’s simplify the process. 2

  9. PROCEDURE <a class="button" :href="`https://ravesandbox.flutterwave.com/pay/4n3jegrk9mww`"> Buy Now </a 9 PAYMENT LINK

    • Copy the merchants payment link from their Rave dashboard • Embed it in the pay button • Click to load the payment modal • Check for successful transactions
  10. Live Code! Okay this time you can laugh!! 10

  11. Rave Referral Program for devs Rave Referrals are your chance

    to make passive income that actually counts when you recommend African & Global businesses to us. 11
  12. Using Uber As A Merchant Use Case 12 Weekly Revenue

    Est NGN70 Million Daily Revenue Estimation NGN10 Million Monthly Revenue Estimation NGN280 Million
  13. 280,000,000/month Whoa! That’s a big number, aren’t you proud of

    them? 13
  14. NGN280,000,000 100% NGN280,000 0.1% Everything to win, nothing to lose

    For you per month 14
  15. THE PROCESS IS EASY 15 Step 3 Share this referral

    link with businesses and freelancers in and out of your network that need a superfast, seamless and easy way to receive payments. Then, watch your money grow!. Step 1 Create a Rave account and log in to your dashboard Have an existing account? No problem, proceed to step 2. Step 2 On your Rave dashboard, locate Referrals at the bottom left of your screen, and click on it to copy your referral link
  16. Barter Balance Move your referral earnings into your Barter wallet

    and spend it as you please Place your screenshot here 16
  17. 17 THANKS! Any questions? You can find me at @kenny_io

    & peter@flutterwavego.com