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Continuously Delivering Value

Continuously Delivering Value


Kyle B. Johnson

August 04, 2018


  1. Continuously Delivering Value WordCamp Birmingham 2018

  2. Kyle B. Johnson Special Projects Developer Saturday Drive (WP Ninjas)

    Ninja Forms The most powerful, flexible, and easiest WordPress form builder. Ninja Mail Your Solution to WordPress Forms Email Issues. Ninja Shop (Exchange) The quickest way to start selling on WordPress! … and other things that I can’t talk about. JSON
  3. knowing what you want (A short story)

  4. Core Value Core Value Edge Cases Requirements

  5. Hey Listen! - Accessibility is important! - Not an excuse

    to deploy non-accessible products. - Testing is important! - Not an excuse to deploy bad code. - Do not dismiss the “Edge Case”! - On that note, maybe “Stress Cases” is a better word.
  6. Agile software development

  7. Agile Manifesto http://agilemanifesto.org/ Our highest priority is to satisfy the

    customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.
  8. “Spike and Stabilize” Maybe throw it away

  9. None
  10. “Measure Once, Cut Twice” then measure again

  11. By Example (with pictures)

  12. Minimum Viable Product Get from A to B, faster. Source:

    Henrik Kniberg (https://blog.crisp.se/)
  13. Comic Books Step 1: Layout & Thumbnails Step 2: Pencils

    Step 3: Inks Step 4: Color Source: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/blog/
  14. By (Not Good) Example

  15. THREE The year long rewrite.

  16. By (Better) Example

  17. Add-on Manager The one month beta.

  18. Ninja Mail The one month launch.

  19. And so what we have learned applies to our lives

  20. We Did It! Ninja Forms THREE is Live!