Building an Effective Front-end Testing Discipline Step-by-Step

6823d6d1ee14bd068007bd60ddb6a41a?s=47 Kevin Lamping
September 05, 2018

Building an Effective Front-end Testing Discipline Step-by-Step

For years, Front-end Developers have dealt with the pain of browser-based bugs and the difficulty of testing hundreds of scenarios. They’re itching for help, but have struggled to find a solution that scales past a few simple tests. The have the skills to write test automation, just not the support.

Now, more than ever, is the time to team up Front-end Developers with QA teams. So much functionality has shifted to the front-end that past practices will no longer work. We need to focus on solid solutions that have been proven in the workforce.

In this session you’ll learn how you can build a Front-end Testing Discipline using several different tools and techniques, along with patterns to follow in organization at various levels.


Kevin Lamping

September 05, 2018