Fostering an "Open-Source" Culture at Work

Fostering an "Open-Source" Culture at Work

Even if you're working an entirely closed-source codebase, the chances are high that you're pulling in an open-source project. The popularity of Sass, jQuery, and many others speaks to how well open-source works, when done right.

But the truth is, these projects face the same troubles that many workplaces struggle with. How do they encourage contributions when most contributors only have a few minutes to spare? How do they manage to collaborate on a codebase when everyone lives in a different city and works on different teams? How do they get developers to RTFM?

While not everyone project can be open-source, all of them can benefit from taking an "open-source" approach. In this talk, we'll look at how to foster a codebase and a culture that's open and encouraging to everyone. We'll cover what works and what surprisingly doesn't, all in an effort to foster a more open, maintainable and friendly project.

Slides from CSSDevConf presentation


Kevin Lamping

October 27, 2015