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We need a better way to test - Nodevember 2016

Kevin Lamping
November 20, 2016

We need a better way to test - Nodevember 2016

How often do you make a change to your site that causes an unexpected issue in some unrelated page? At least once a week, right? But manually testing every page for every change is time consuming and a pain in the butt.

This talk will dives in to WebdriverIO, an open-source library used for automated testing. We'll cover what it takes to get started writing automated browser tests, so that you can write and release code with confidence.

Notes at: https://workflowy.com/s/eKx3scHfuy

Kevin Lamping

November 20, 2016

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  1. I’m Kevin Lamping Front-end Engineer, Father, Husband, Disc Golfer, Stargazer,

    Gardener, Gamer, Geek, Soccer Player, Scale Modeler, Piano Player, Spurs Fan, Freelancer, Teacher, Writer, Designer, Developer, RC Plane/Heli Pilot, et cetera.
  2. • The styles aren’t right • The update shipped a

    bug • The code wasn't tested The first three why’s
  3. The first story lied to you • Users had to

    be manually created • Tests only ran on a few developer’s laptops • Selenium had inconsistent results • Manual validation was required • Other teams code updates weren’t tested
  4. What we actually needed • Community test environment • Consistent

    test routine • Digestible test results • Automatic user creation
  5. Our black triangle Test Framework Easy way to trigger test

    runs Consistent place to run test scripts Interface to add/modify data quickly Consistent place to run Selenium/browsers Visible reports on the test results