Voter Registration Report

8eac1115801a9b7befceee7dc56891a4?s=47 Kristen Dore
November 09, 2011

Voter Registration Report

This is an early mock-up for color and design for a project that aimed to translate a hefty report to a visual representation (slidedeck) to urge funders to invest in voter registration efforts.


Kristen Dore

November 09, 2011


  1. 2.
  2. 3.

    In 2012 over xxx individuals and xx organizations will be

    working together to register voters across AMERICA
  3. 6.

    every citizen has the right to vote. Why? Because we

    believe that our American democracy is build on the principle that WHY?
  4. 10.

    But today in the US x million people have no

    voice because they are not registered to vote X X X X WHY?
  5. 14.

    VO WHY? Laws making it harder for civic orgs to

    conduct voter registration drives