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Teaching GitHub for Poets - RailsConf 2015

Teaching GitHub for Poets - RailsConf 2015

Discover the benefits of training your entire organization to contribute code. Kickstarter teaches GitHub for Poets, a one-hour class that empowers all staff to make improvements to our site, and fosters a culture of transparency and inclusivity.

Learn about how we’ve made developing with GitHub fun and safe for everyone, and the surprising benefits of having more contributors to our code.

Aaron Suggs

April 21, 2015

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  1. Teaching GitHub for Poets Aaron Suggs

  2. Aaron Suggs ktheory Lead Ops Engineer

  3. helps creative projects come to life

  4. 1. What is G4P 2. Why do it 3. How

    to do it Super-quick outline:
  5. What is G4P

  6. What is GitHub for Poets? 1.Live demo of a copy

    change 2.Class open to all staff 3.Intro to dev tools + process
  7. 1. Live demo a copy change Using GitHub Flow in

    browser What is GitHub for Poets?
  8. 2. Class open to all staff What is GitHub for

  9. 3. Intro to dev tools + process How we test

    and deploy What is GitHub for Poets?
  10. Everyone can commit.

  11. None
  12. Why do G4P

  13. • Lightweight process • Avoid building a CMS (Practical reasons)

  14. Cultural values

  15. Version control is communication

  16. Version control is transparency

  17. Pull requests are consensus

  18. Increase your impact

  19. How to do G4P

  20. How to do GitHub for Poets? 1.Explain git branches +

    commits 2.Explain Rails file layout 3.Always Be Learning
  21. Always Be Learning

  22. (Live demo) github.com/ktheory/rails-demo

  23. “They’ll will break the site”

  24. “It’s a security liability”

  25. Pro Tip™: Safe deploy process • A git branch of

    your own • Tests & continuous integration • Deployer checks what's getting deployed
  26. Pro Tip™: explain what this means

  27. Meet the Poets 29 poets have made 1139 commits

  28. None
  29. Coding ~ writing

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  36. ktheory I have merged the pull request that refactored the

    class and which you were probably saving for a lightning talk Forgive me the code was SOLID so sweet and so DRY. This is just to git-blame