Surviving Black Friday - Tales from an e-commerce engineer

Surviving Black Friday - Tales from an e-commerce engineer

Black Friday through Cyber Monday is a critical sales period for US retail companies.

At Glossier, a fast-growing e-commerce brand for skincare and beauty products, this peak holiday traffic can represent over a month of typical sales in a few short days.

In this talk, I’ll share the story of how Glossier’s Tech team prepared for Black Friday 2018, with an emphasis on our technical infrastructure and cross-team coordination.

I’ll present how our Marketing, Logistics, Customer Experience, Data, and Tech teams worked closely to plan for the holiday surge. I’ll share how our Tech team used load testing to ensure we met our target capacity; and how we leveled up our debugging and system engineering skills to fix bugs and remove bottlenecks.

I’ll share our successes, surprises, lessons learned, and how we’re preparing for next year.


Aaron Suggs

April 17, 2019