A Practical Taxonomy of Bugs and How to Squash Them-SunshinePHP

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February 03, 2017

A Practical Taxonomy of Bugs and How to Squash Them-SunshinePHP

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Catching software bugs is a mysterious magic, unknowable by science and untouchable by process.

False! Programming bugs, like real bugs, can be organized into a taxonomy. Come with me and I'll show you how classification can help you build “programmer’s instinct” into a logical debugging process.

Debugging may be instinctual but those instincts come from seeing, identifying and diagnosing patterns. In this talk, we’ll use phenetic taxonomy to build a debugging decision making network based on attributes and behaviors of common bugs. Newer developers will learn how to apply systematic pattern matching to debugging while seasoned developers will learn how to use their instincts to teach debugging.



February 03, 2017