London Accessibility Meetup - Yes! Your site can (and should) be accessible

C9b6971cf9aef049f4a35bc397a5e4b9?s=47 Laura Carvajal
September 11, 2017

London Accessibility Meetup - Yes! Your site can (and should) be accessible

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In 2016, the Financial Times launched a new version of its website to great success. It broke ground on key areas like performance, resilience, and usability. But one day, rather serendipitously, the team that created the site realized they had largely forgotten to measure one thing: accessibility. And you can’t improve what you don’t measure.

Laura Carvajal explains how her team introduced accessibility to the Financial Times website,—and their journey from being generally oblivious about accessibility to making it a core part of their process across multiple divisions. Laura shares the the roadblocks encountered and lessons learned along the way as well as practical solutions you can implement in your project today, regardless of available time, resources, or support.


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Laura Carvajal

September 11, 2017