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Two years of SuperHeroValley: lessons learnt and future plans

October 22, 2022

Two years of SuperHeroValley: lessons learnt and future plans


October 22, 2022


  1. Luca Corbucci Two years of Superhero Valley: lessons learnt and

    future plans
  2. whoami • 👨💻 Ph.D. Student @ University of Pisa •

    🎤 Podcaster @ PointerPodcast • 🦸 Co-Organizer @ Superhero Valley • Co-Organizer @ Pisa.dev • 🌏 lucacorbucci.me @lucacorbucci
  3. Who We Are Remo Andreoli Alessandro Berti Eugenio Paluello Luca

    Corbucci Ph.D. Student, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies Ph.D. Student, University of Pisa Ph.D. Student, University of Pisa Blockchain Developer @ Polygon @lucacorbucci
  4. What is Superhero Valley?

  5. 🌍 What is Superhero Valley? Online Community 💶 No Profit

 Community ❌ 🌉 A bridge between University and 
 tech companies @lucacorbucci
  6. 🦸 🦸 What we offer Talks Mock Interviews Exercise Groups

    Talks are useful to raise 
 awareness of opportunities 
 offered by Big Tech companies 
 and to motivate students It’s better to prepare an 
 interview with other people! Test yourself with a mock 
 interview @lucacorbucci
  7. What we offer A Discord 
 server CV Review 📄

    A wiki 🔍 We help you to write 
 and to improve your CV A space where everyone 
 can ask questions and 
 receive feedbacks A place with useful resource 
 to prepare an interview @lucacorbucci
  8. Our Story

  9. Today +1400 members +35 Talks 🦸 March 2021 200 members

    October 2021 1200 members 🇮🇹 November 2020 90 members September 2020 4 founders 
 and a 
 superhero 🦸 🚀 @lucacorbucci
  10. What have we learnt?

  11. Managing a community is hard (And it is also time

    consuming) @lucacorbucci
  12. Integrating people 
 into the staff is hard @lucacorbucci

  13. Creating a sense of community is hard (Especially if you

    are running an online community) @lucacorbucci
  14. Why do we do this?

  15. To prevent people from making the same mistakes as us

  16. Future Projects

  17. Say hello to our new Mentorship Program 🦸 @lucacorbucci

  18. Applications are open until 23/10 @lucacorbucci

  19. Thank you 🌍 superherovalley.fun discord.superherovalley.fun 📨 [email protected] @lucacorbucci