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Mental Wellness, The WordPress Community, and You.

37f274629153f05557130c427935b8fd?s=47 Leo Gopal
September 09, 2016

Mental Wellness, The WordPress Community, and You.

Our own mental wellness, and that of those around us, is probably the least understood and most neglected part of our daily lives. It is time we all started understanding what it truly means to have mental wellness and what it means to us and those around us when we do not have it – especially what we can do to help those around us and ourselves.

The WordPress community is both the perfect place for Mental Health issues to go undetected as well as the perfect place for so many people to live a higher quality of life simply by increasing our awareness to it.


Leo Gopal

September 09, 2016


  1. Mental Wellness, The WordPress Community, and You. #WCCT @leogopal

  2. Who is this for • Anyone who has employees •

    Anyone who has colleagues • Any Human who understands English.
  3. $mental_issues = array( ‘Anxiety’, ‘Depression’, ‘ADHD/ADD’, ‘Bipolar’, ‘A lot more’

    ); #WCCT #WPHugs @leogopal
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    future & pouring from an empty cup
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  12. • A greater acceptance of failure. • A higher role

    for forgiveness & understanding. • A cultural system that honors intrinsic value over achievement. #WCCT @leogopal #WPHugs Communities that thrive
  13. #WCCT @leogopal #WCCT @leogopal #WPHugs Tell your story, Check up

    on someone, Remove the Stigma. #WPHugs