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3D Geoinfo pre-conference workshop: 3dfier

9b26e5232107ff34e15600337f10a814?s=47 Stelios Vitalis
September 30, 2018

3D Geoinfo pre-conference workshop: 3dfier


Stelios Vitalis

September 30, 2018


  1. Generation of simulation ready 3D models Tom Commandeur 3dgeoinfo pre-conference

    workshop 2018-09-30
  2. 3DTOP10NL Open data 2013 1:10.000 topo map Supercomputer: 70.000h calculation

    time (8 years) Contains inconsistencies à Lessons learned
  3. TOP10NL 1:10.000 topo map Supercomputer: 8 years calculation time

  4. BGT ~1:500 topo map ~9x more 2D objects as TOP10NL

    Supercomputer: 80 years calculation time
  5. IMGeo 3D is optional 2D IMGeo LOD0 LOD1 3D LOD2

    BGT BAG Tree Extrusion Extrusion 2.5D
  6. BGT input to 3dfier Requires preprocessing https://github.com/tudelft3d/3dfier/tree/master/resources/BGT_prepare

  7. 3dfier An open-source software to reconstruct automatically 3D models

  8. Input: any 2D datasets (eg TOP10NL or BGT) 8 We

    assign each polygon to a class: 1. Building 2. Water 3. Road 4. Vegetation 5. Terrain 6. Separation 7. Bridge
  9. Assign each LiDAR point to polygons 9

  10. Assign each LiDAR point to polygons 10

  11. Lifting each polygon based on simple rules (eg avg) 11

    gaps Terrain and vegetation classes have LiDAR points added Other classes only vertices are lifted
  12. Stitching adjacent polygons with pairwise rules 12

  13. Stitching adjacent polygons with pairwise rules 13 avg of both

    vertical surfaces added volume of buildings can be preserved
  14. Stitching adjacent polygons with pairwise rules 14 gaps

  15. 15

  16. 16

  17. None
  18. Opens the door to many simulations: 18 1. urban heat

    island 2. wind comfort for pedestrian at street level 3. wind loading on buildings 4. urban blast 5. crowd movement 6. urban flooding simulations
  19. 3dfier on github 19 github.com/tudelft3d/3dfier

  20. 3dfier wiki on github Usage of 3dfier https://github.com/tudelft3d/3dfier/wiki/General-3dfier-tutorial-to-generate-LOD1-models Extract data

    from OSM https://github.com/tudelft3d/3dfier/wiki/Extracting-building-footprints-from-OpenStreetMap Running the precompiled binary on Windows https://github.com/tudelft3d/3dfier/wiki/Running-the-precompiled-3dfier-binary-on- Windows-64-bit-7%2C-8-or-10
  21. 3dfier download 3dfier Version 1.0.3 (Windows) 3dfier Version 0.9.7 (OSX)

  22. 3dfier YAML configuration Input Buffers Input pts lifting

  23. 3dfier is command line only

  24. Run example data From example_data folder run: ..\3dfier.exe testarea_config.yml --OBJ

    output\testarea.obj or ../3dfier.exe testarea_config.yml --OBJ output/testarea.obj
  25. thank you. h.ledoux@tudelft.nl 3d.bk.tudelft.nl/hledoux Hugo Ledoux Tom Commandeur t.j.f.commandeur@tudelft.nl